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09 Nov 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I have been Revolutionized, again.
There are so many things about Revolutions I’d love to discuss in a post, but to do so would constitute an assload of spoilers and ruin your personal Revolutions experience. Break can’t put into words how he feels, and I can see where he’s coming from. But, again, I can’t say why for reasons stated above. I guess this is what censoring feels like, and it’s pissing me off. Here at, I can pretty much write as I please, how I please, and not have to worry about Break coming up to me with a handful of reader complaints and bitchings over how many times I said fuckin a given post. I love that kind of freedom.

I had a brief chance to discuss the mysteries of Revolutions with Realm walking away from seeing it my second time and his first time, and it helped me to sort out a couple questions, but not nearly enough. But the no spoilers policy is one I respect and personally obey, so I think I’ll just bite my fucking tongue till I have a chance to talk to someone who has already seen it.

07 Nov 2003 by Richie

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Of Revolutions and such
I’m still not sure what I think of revolutions, but I am going to see it again tonight. Hopefully I can figure out what I think and make my post on the subject tonight.

07 Nov 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Toto…I think we just got knocked the fuck out
So its Wednesday, November 5th of 2003 and I was where every self-respecting geek should be. I have been Revolutionized, and I have to say I liked it. Actually I loved it, but its not to say there are not moments that you question the thoughts of the writer. There isn’t a lot I can tell you without ruining anything for you, so I will keep my mouth shut as much as possible. I have heard from from more then one source of negative feelings toward the movie. I simply can not understand this.

The movie may have had some questionable moments, and sure there is enough philosophy in the movie to teach a class class, but how could you not enjoy its splendor. My favorite character in the series I’ve decided has to be Seraph, or for some who are not obsessed with the movies, the little Asian guy who wears white. He holds a much larger part in this one, and it is suggested throughout the movie that he may have quite a history.

Then there is the Big Fight, while I don’t want to say much about it because you must see it yourself, it is definetly worth it if you are’nt already liking the movie. Hell I would probably sit through 8 hours of Street Fighter or Double Dragon movie quality just for that fight scene. The only thing I will say about the fight scene, and don’t read on if you don’t want somthing ruined but not really, but lets just say that the fight scene felt very DragonballZish. I have not consulted with Break or Jack on the movie, but I did talk to Ritchie who saw it tonight. His words were awesome and I loved it. But I must sleep now, for I have school and I am exausted
-Shadow out

06 Nov 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Why, cruel world? Why?
So while I’m sitting here in Government, withering away, letting
millions of valuable brain cells die for no good reason, the rest of
the world is rejoicing in the Revolutionary end of The Matrix Trilogy.
The schools reach even extends outside these cursed walls, preventing
me from attending tonight’s showing at the local theatre over what is
probably one of the most disgraceful reasons in my history: writing a
children’s book.

I know SVHS isn’t the most productive of institutions, as very
pointless activities regularly go on here, and no one gets to leave
until some very poor decisions are made. I understand
that. But a children’s book, for God’s fucking sake. Even the teacher
that gave me the assignment agrees that my time would be better spent
at the movies. Hell, the teacher will probably be sitting there in
complete bliss, watching the Neo/Smith showdown, thinking, “Ha ha, I’m
here watching Revolutions, and Tyler is at home writing for humans
who’s IQ is less than their age.” Don’t get me wrong, children’s books
are important and all: The little gamers of the world gotta have
something to read. And it’s also an established fact that children’s
book authors make a shitload of money over very simple literature. And,
though that prospect appeals highly to the mercenary in me, I highly
doubt that any skills gained by writing the book today, of all days,
would outweigh the benefits of catching Revolutions the first day in
theatres. Yes, I’m ranting. But the world is just so fucking cruel.

After another semi-hostile debate between my dad and I over the PC/Mac
question, he produced the latest issue of MacWorld, the main feature of
which was an end-all test between the best of both worlds, to determine
which side was truly fastest. Admittedly, I went into the article with
an anti Mac bias: I expected skewed views of PC hardware, software,
with the PC represented by some shitcan Packard Bell, and many Mac fans
touting Velocity Engine optimizations. But the results dropped my jaw
down around my ankles: the PC completely owned the G5 in five of the
six tests. But it was not the fact that the PC took the toaster-oven G5
and crushed it in a trash compactor that shocked me; it was the fact
that the test was done pretty damn fairly, by someone on the Mac side,
no less. Or, as EMP put it, Apples against apples.

The test put two top-of-the-line G5 (single and dual processor
configurations) and a G4 box against two Alienware (one a P4 rig, the
other an Athlon 64) and one Polywell Poly Station (dual Opteron setup).
To set the test on level playing grounds, all rigs were fitted with 1GB
of RAM and ATI Radeon 9800 video cards. The tests were done with
Photoshop, MS Word, Quake III, Adobe Premier, plus an MP3-encoding test
(using different programs for the PC’s and Macs), and an MPEG-2
encoding test, the PC’s only losing to the Macs in MPEG-2 encoding. In
their conclusion, MacWorld faces up to facts: the G5 is not the fastest
personal computer in the world. A Mac
publication did this, no less. From a PC users perspective, it’s only
fair that they face facts, but this is a worldwide magazine basically
telling its readers that Apple is, and has been, lying to them. And for
that reason, and for holding a fair and honest contest, MacWorld now
has my full respect.

Of course, we’re gonna get people like Apollo who say that the right programs weren’t used, or that they didn’t compare DNA sequence matching, or something, and they could be right. But if there’s anything I didn’t see coming, it’s test results from a Mac magazine in favor of a PC. What the hell kind of Matrix do we live in?

05 Nov 2003 by Richie

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I just returned home from witnessing KU beat the EA Sports All Stars in
basketball. Quite an exciting evening, but I am happy to beat EA in
anything; especially at a sport. Guess it wasn’t in the game.

My gaming time has been dominated, but split rather evenly between two
games; Top Spin and Crimson Skies. Both are extremely fun games that
excel at being fun. I get to play them with other people, but I can
also play them by my lonesome. I love it.

Conversely, my xbox is taking out all of its anger about the mean
things I have said about it in the past. I got a blue screen error
today on Top-Spin. The blue-screen actually left as quickly as it came
to be replaced by a screen that says, "Please restart your xbox." I had
just won an online game, and my stats were not recorded. Why didn’t it
just say, "Stand by while I kick you in the fucking nuts." Jack thinks
I should buy a new Xbox, but I think that’s rediculous. I shouldn’t have
to buy a new system just to make my games work. I may have a bad xbox,
but mine is selective with its suckyness. It brings it out in full
force on KOTOR, a lot on Top-Spin, and some on Halo. So the games I
wanna play, it takes a poop on. My ps2, despite my nayaying has never
given me any problems. While my xbox continues to deficate.

I love the games on my xbox, I just wish my xbox would be kind enough
to cooperate with me and play them. But, I really can’t miss out on all
the wonderous things that it is and will continue to offer. Xbox live,
Ninja Gaiden, Top Spin, and Crimson Skies just to name a few. What to
do, what to do? I mean, the xbox is great hardware, I must just have a
bad apple or something.

It is rather disconserting that barely one year old xbox is crapping
out, but my 17 year old NES is still kicking ass and taking names. Oh
well, they don’t make them like they used to, I guess.

05 Nov 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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PSP….wow…I think I just heard nintendo shit themselves
So…I’ll let the pictures do the talking…these were taken from

Here’s the thing with its faceplate:

And here it is without it:

This thing oozes "cool" and "techy". Nintendo better have something a lot cooler up their sleeves if they
want to compete with this bad boy…Gamespot also put up the specs of the PSP if anyone wants to check
them out.


04 Nov 2003 by Jack Burton

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Return to Morrowind…
I ended up doing what I swore I would not do last week…I picked up
another videogame. Not just any videogame, however, the Morrowind GOTY
edition on xbox…that’s the FULL Morrowind, plus both pc expansion
packs, only for a mere $30!!! That’s insane!!

Now, before you go and tell me that this game is nearly 2 years old,
and has seen better days, well it has, but I had the pc version on my
old computer and I loved it. However, that’s not to say that it always
worked correctly. That being said, I ended up putting nearly 60 hours
into the game, only to never finish it, but get to a point in the main
story that made me want to keep playing…alas, my new computer then
came and my copy of morrowind disappeared into the wind…

But now I have it back, with 2 extra add-ons as well. :)

Something tells me I might not be picking up GTA on xbox this week… ;-)

Please people, help me stay strong!


04 Nov 2003 by Jack Burton

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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

02 Nov 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Top Spin 0wnz M3….
If you own an Xbox…


This is definitely an awesome tennis game, if not the best ever. Yes,
that’s right…I think it’s better than the magnificent Virtua Tennis
on Dreamcast. The single player mode is deeper, it has online play,
actual licensed tennis players that people actually care about, and
some pretty cool unlockables. Did I mention the XSN Sports support?
(supposed to be coming soon…MightyBean, do you know an exact date?)

But besides that, I plunked down the money this week for Rainbow Six 3
and Xbox Music Mixer this week. First things first…Rainbow Six is
sweet…online play is fun, and the single player mode with a headset
is indeed completely immersive…and even if you don’t have a headset,
it’s still a really fun and exciting game.

Music Mixer is definitely not for everyone…the karaoke feature is
pretty cool, and taking your mp3s from your pc to your xbox hard drive
is also really cool (it’s the main reason I got it…can’t get those
video game music soundtracks on a cd) and it works quite well, is
painless, and you can even use them later on in games that support
custom soundtracks.

I also got to try out Call of Duty, which is really awesome…Infinity
Ward did a nice job of combining Band of Brothers and Enemy at the
Gates, with some British flavoring thrown in just for good measure.
Believe me, if you liked Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, you ain’t seen
nothin’ yet.

Back to taking Warsaw…


01 Nov 2003 by Jack Burton

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My Plans For World Domination
In a vain attempt to get the class started on an educational discussion
about world events, my American Government teacher brought up the
recent outburst of flashmobs.
Basically, the idea is to send out emails requesting the receivers to
meet at a certain place at a certain time, where the whole group will
do some strange and pointless stunt, like this:

-In Sao
Paolo, Brazil, 100 people showed up in the middle of the city’s main
avenue, took off one of their shoes, repeatedly banged them on the
street, and disappeared.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I do not encourage people to go around banging
their shoes on things, nor do I enjoy such activities. But I’m
interested over the prospect of doing it here.
Flashmobs taking place at college campuses or big cities probably isn’t
such a far out sight to those who dwell in those areas. You’ll be
walking to your next class and say, "Heh, there’s another mob, funny",
and keep on walking. You probably didn’t even slow your pace or turn
your head to look at it. But by here, I mean Lindsborg. Goosebumps form on my skin every time I consider the prospect of creating social chaos
with flashmobs, like armies sent to wreak havoc on the peace and calm
of "Little Sweden". Bystanders and observers would be paralyzed with
disbelief and incomprehension if they saw 30 teens banging their shoes
against the street. They wouldn’t know what to think.

But I’ve put such grand world domination ideas aside for now and have
decided to focus on smaller things, like the research paper due for my
Advanced Comprehension class tomorrow. But my topic is not a normal
one: Video games as an art form. It’s to be written in a for/against
style, presenting both sides of the issue. The paper will be a joy to
write, but my problem is the class presentation I have to do along with
the paper. I’m not quite sure how I’ll go about it, since these are the
same ignorant fucks who called me a Jew because I was seen wearing this
GTA III shirt. They could call me a wet dream for all I care, but it’s
clearly gonna be a hard fight. If anyone has a good idea for how to
turn these assbackwards hicks around, I’d really appreciate it.

I still try to play some Halo PC and Initial D on Continuum when I can,
but school ain’t given me much of a chance. But I guess that worked out
well with my financial situation, since I know I’d be tempted to ditch
school and buy Final Fantasy XI or one of the new releases this week.
But even if I had the money, school wouldn’t allow me. Those games
would be just too much fun for a high school student like myself.

29 Oct 2003 by Richie

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Lock S-Foils in attack position
Well currently I should be typin my essay for comp, but fuck that
noise. I picked up Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike the other day, and I
am really enjoying it. I dont think its probably as fun as Break and
Jack’s new obsession Crimson Skies, but in abscense of an X Box it
works for me. The coop mode is pretty crazy, me and Thud have been
playin it and he constantly bitches about the shittyness of the Rebel’s
aircraft. I swear to God one of these times im gonna own him. But I
will talk more about this later because Mrs.Mykel my comp teacher wants
me to get back to work.
-Shadow out
29 Oct 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Gaming, how it used to be, and how it should be
and I decided to take a trip down Mass st. today to find a place to eat
that we had not been to before. We saw Buffalo Wild Wings, and thanks
to my inquenchable thirst for Buffalo Wings, we decided to go to this
place. As I walked in I saw something that made my heart jump with
delight. A black arcade cabnet, with a single button and joy stick
stood in front of me. I saw pixelated aliens being blasted by a
computer controlled ship in a demo meant to show of the games great
gameplay. I immediately reached in my pocket and plunked the necessary
quarterage into this machine labeled, Galaga.

you wanted to, say, make a drink made of pure gaming you could grab a
copy of galaga, and mix in a couple cups of water and have a beverage
frothing with everything that is wonderful about Video Games. Galaga
is, plain and simple, gaming concentrate. I grew up playing this game
in the arcades, and later in my NES. I have many fond memories of
getting dual ships, high scores, and getting so frustrated with the
game that I wanted to scream out loud. Such a simple concept; shoot
aliens before they can kill you. Every stage gets a little tougher, a
little faster, a little more impossible,
to the point where you really need to have the skills. In fact, Galaga
is one of those games that you must have the skills to pay the bills.

So, yeah, I was excited to see this monument to gaming history just
standing there beckoning me. I played it and could feel myself being
rusty at it, after all these years spent playing games with saving
features and other such modern crutches. After all was said and done, I
ended up being number two on the high score list after my one credit
was used. But, I plan to return to the establishment and grab my place
at number one. CER, whoever you are, you will be overtaken. And it will be done with 1 credit, as in accordance to my code of honor.

This experience brought on a discussion between Kitsune and I, about
how gaming has evolved. The NES days were filled with games that were
difficult, and many having to be played all the way through in one
sitting. Nowadays it is hard to find a game lacking a save point. Play
through a game in one sitting, were we crazy? Well, obviously gaming
has evolved and gotten more complex to the point where you HAVE to have
a save point unless you have recently won the lottery and can afford to
do nothing but fun/important things all the time. It is a necessity
now, but it is also an interesting thing to look back on. Even more
perplexing is the fact that the newest generation of gamers are growing
up never to know what a game without saving is like. Games are moving
forward, and I think they are moving in the right direction. But, it is
nice to experience simplicity done to the utmost perfection, such as
Galaga; at least once in a while.

Honestly, what I would love to see is a disc that has a bunch of old
games on it like Galaga. Maybe Mario Bros. Hell, just throw all the
great old arcade games on there. Give it Xbox live support and let us
old schoolers go crazy with it. I would absolutely love it, and maybe
more like me would. What I would also love is getting some online co-op
going with some Double-Dragon or Mega Man. But, now I’m just dreaming.

I like to play games.

29 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Apparently…I’ve come into contact with "jauntiness"
After our 15 seconds of internet fame that Break and myself experienced earlier today on Penny Arcade,
I couldn’t help but get on Crimson Skies again today after I was done
with all of my horrific homework. Man, did I have a blast again…got
to play Brad again (the PA Brad, not the bad one) and had some fun
whooping up on some guys that thought they were pretty hot shit. Made
me feel pretty good…and Brad kept calling me "jaunty" Jack Burton the
entire time too, so I couldn’t help but keep laughing.

Anyways, it’s T-minus 2 days until my piggy bank goes empty once again,
and I will be the owner of some damn fine games: Top Spin Tennis,
Rainbow Six 3, and Call of Duty. Since those are all coming out on
wednesday, I’ve decided that I need to get as much Crimson Skies in as
possible between now and then, because unless both Top Spin and Rainbow
Six fail to impress me, it might be a while until I go back to playing
it…but I doubt that now after having been thoroughly encompassed by
its great single-player story and awesome multiplayer action.

And also, don’t forget that there’s a new Call of Duty demo out for
those of you who are still on the fence about picking this awesome game
up. Check it out at any number of pc download sites, such as FilePlanet or FileShack.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys later, and be on the lookout for the scurvy air pirate Jack Burt0n on XBL.


27 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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The Skies of Crimson

If you have Xbox live, I implore you to get Crimson Skies. I just got
done playing about 2 or so hours of it with Tycho and Gabe. We formed a
team with a guy called LCD, and kicked some serious ass. Gabe and Tycho
formed a defense that was impenetrable, while LCD and I covered
eachothers asses and went on the offensive. These flag heists got
intense, with strategies being called over the xbox live headset. It
actually sounded like a real air battle. This game shows how xbox live
was meant to be played.

We also played the game type where
you grab a chicken and try to take it to the base. This was one of the
most frantic games I’ve seen. Trying to track down the chicken and
such, and then trying to take it back without being shot down is
completely insane. Your team tries to protect you as you fly the poor
chicken back to the base.

So yeah, I need to get some sleep before I pass out. But, get Crimson Skies, now!

27 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 7:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

26 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The (Not-so) Friendly Skies…
Let me start off by saying this: GO BUY CRIMSON SKIES NOW!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

I spent about 2 hours yesterday doing nothing but playing team
dogfights, team keepaway, and wild chicken, and man….this game is now
what defines Xbox Live. I know it probably won’t do that for more than
a week, when Rainbow Six 3, Amped 2, and Top Spin come out; but
man…this game is simply awesome.

I’ll definitely give this game some of my airtime on sunday, as I’m
almost sure Break will too. I know he’s been having a blast with it
just as much as I have, if not more.

But, if you’re looking for me on XBL this weekend, that’s probably
where you’re going to find me. I’m already ranked in the top 200 after
not even playing that much…

But at any rate, I have a Halo tourney today, and I’m of the opinion
that my team will win, I’m teamed up with THX-Psycho7, and he’s really
good as well. Wish me luck, should be a great day for some 2 vs. 2 Halo.


25 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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The Penny Arcade guys were kind enough to provide us with a summary of
the things said at the latest IGDA meeting, where guest speakers from
Infinium Labs presented us with the first look at the Phantom, which
can be found here.
As I’ve said before, I’m perfectly willing to salt and butter my
naysaying words and eat them, but I’m still willing to take that chance
after this conference, seeing that we still don’t have much evidence
that the game console actually exists, outside of the vague tech specs
and the plastic box with the blue light that were presented at the

Gamespot informed me today that nVidia has released a new top-end video card, named the GeForce FX 5950 Ultra. The 50 part means that they upped the clock speed 25mhz from the 5900. Twenty. Five. Megahertz.
I can’t escape the feeling that the video card war between ATI and
nVidia has fallen to an all time low. Seriously, nVidia felt that they
needed to release a whole new card to displace its current flagship
over a measly 25mhz!?!?. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the proud owner of an
nVidia card myself, but really nVidia, are you that desperate to keep
up with ATI? What’s next? A GeForce FX 5955? with a whopping 7mhz speed boost? What about the FX 5955.25?

Ya, alright, so I’m getting a little carried away, but couldn’t they
have waited till the next set of cards? Or when they have a significant
improvement to offer? But from what I understand from Maximum PC,
nVidia cards are the easiest to overclock, so I’m sure anyone looking
for that extra 25mhz isn’t gonna go out and spend $500 bucks on the new
card. At least, I hope they wouldn’t.

Anyway, tommrow morning I take the ACT test for the first time, which means going to bed before 1:00 A.M. and actually eating something for breakfast. If you can spare any luck to wish me, please do. God knows, I’ll need it.

24 Oct 2003 by Richie

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Wichita…the golden land of Halo…
I just got back to my "hometown" of Wichita, and I just got invited to
a Halo LAN party at a buddy’s house. How cool is that? Not only that,
but I also managed to pick up Castlevania and Crimson Skies today.

After playing just a bit of Crimson Skies’ single player campaign, I
just can’t wait for what the 16-player multiplayer will be like both
online and offline. Guess I’ll get a chance to try it out tonight,
won’t I?

Anyways, I should be on XBL most of the weekend while I’m home hovering
from GR: IT, Crimson Skies, ESPN NBA Basketball, and ESPN NFL Football.
And of course, lan parties of halo

But I hope everyone has a great wednesday, I know I sure as fuck will.


22 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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New Games
picked up Castlevania and Crimson Skies, and I must say that I am
liking them both. I’ve been playing Castlevania more, and I absolutely
love EVERYTHING about it!

22 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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If assholes could fly, this place would be busier than O’Hare.
Break would have you believe that his computer is fucking up, or that
he has too much homework to do, but I know the truth: he’s been busy
burning his clothes and washing his mouth out with soap in a desperate
attempt to cleanse himself of the evil cast upon him by the local
festival of Swedishness known as Svensk Hyllningsfest.
It’s your typical Midwestern, small town gathering, with your usual
group of attendees: KKK riders, Hell’s Angels, Pagans, Goths, dark
mages, Sith, the Occult, witches, Imperials, Freemasons, Yuuzhan Vong,
and the like, with cross burnings, ritual sacrifices, and bloody riots
every night.

Well, OK, so it’s not an intergalactic
convention for evil, it’s really just a bunch of people dressing up in
Swedish costumes, doing dances, singing songs, eating traditional food,
and tourists who suck it all in, buy our overpriced merchandise, and
drive way too damn slow. If you don’t know anything about this festival
other than what I just told you, or if you’ve never attended one, try
and keep it that way. Trust me: you’re not missing out on a God Damned
thing. That is, of course, you have a special desire to eat fish meat
soaked in lye. It’s called Lutefisk around here, I just call it
corrugated shit.

Until I hear a good word from another staff member or someone on the
forums, I probably won’t be picking up Rebel Strike any time soon. My
financial situation allows me only one, maybe two new games for now,
and it’s hard to justify 50 bucks on a game which Gamespot tells me
I’ve pretty much already played except for some ground combat, which
they also tell
me I can do without. I’m not saying that I dislike making TIE fighters
drop from the sky like leaves from a tree in the fall, but it’s
something that you do a lot in Rogue Leader. And by the time I was done with that
game, I was pretty fucking tired of smoking TIEs. And if I, for some
reason, get the craving again, there are always the unlockable levels
that I didn’t accumulate enough points to unlock the first time around.
I know XIII, which is due out the 28th, already has a permanent spot on
my list, and Call of Duty has the other. But, like I said, if a trusted
opinion tells me otherwise, I might make an effort to pick it up.

Well, the first sales numbers for the N-Gage have been released, and I think this article goes to back up my, and probably others, beliefs: no matter how many special forces you have or how big your hype machine is, it still won’t save a system this bad.

22 Oct 2003 by Richie

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The Sound and the Fury

A multitude of excellent titles are storming their way into your local
videogame stores tomorrow, just waiting to be experienced by you.
Crimson Skies is looking absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to set
it in my Xbox tray. I’m hoping to play some Castlevania as well. Why
must this onslaught of titles come when I have the least amount of
financing to pay for it?

I’ve been playing a lot of the new
Mario Advance, and I must say that it is still one of the greatest
games ever. All gamers owe it to themselves to play through Super Mario
Bros. 3 at least once in their lives. It is just one of those
fundamental experiences that you must have to be a gamer.

About the videos; I’m having a few problems with my computer and
rendering at the moment. It used to work just fine, but now it seems to
think that crashing and losing hours of work is a better alternative
than producing a video for you all to watch. Tomorrow is my last day of
school this week, so hopefully I can iron out those problems tomorrow.

Also, glad to see you’re giving X7 another chance Shadow. Hopefully you’ll like it.

22 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Maybe I Was A Little Harsh
Ok, so I said some pretty mean stuff on Sunday about the whole X7
thing. Now that I’ve played it a little more I’m warming up to it. I
finally get to play as X, unfortunately hes a bit of a dissapointment.
While his X buster is strong, I’ve already spent too much time
upgrading Axl to go back and help him out. And God knows i wont waste
my time with Zero, who they have made horrible in this game.

I fully plan to try and beat the game with every character to see if
there are different endings, which will take lots of time away from
stuff i should be doing like trying to beat FFX and VIII. Or I may just
listen to what Break tells me of him beating it with X or Zero. The one
point that I will not apologize for that I made yesterday was the
absolute shittyness of the voice acting. SWEET CHRIST IN HEAVEN I COULD
PICK BETTER PEOPLE, and they would probably do it for free.

I plan on getting Viewtiful Joe sometime this week, along with Max
Payne2 and XIII which I think came out this week. I hesitate to by
these only because I know they will all slow down my pursuit to defeat
Sin and bring the Eternal Calm. And with this I must depart, to either
pursue the defeat of Red Alert and saving the future with Axl. Or to
help Tidus get back to Zanarkhand. Which one I do not know, I must flip
the all deciding coin.
-Shadow out

21 Oct 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Oh boy…
So only 2 more days until Crimson Skies comes out….boy oh boy…I can
hardly wait. After I saw that IGN gave this game a 9.1, I really can’t
fathom just how great this game is actually going to be.

Not only does that game come out, but also Grabbed by the Ghoulies, SSX
3, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, ESPN NBA Basketball and Rebel
Strike…all on wednesday (actually, SSX 3 is tuesday)…but still, I’m
pretty sure that you get the point. There are a ton of games coming out
this week, and I can’t get them all.

However, there is hope for those of you wanting to buy all of the games
you want these next two weeks…for instance…I’ve just found out that
Toys-R-Us is holding a huge sale for the next two weeks on videogames!
Here’s how it breaks down:

For the week of Oct. 19-Oct. 25, all Gamecube games in stock at your
local TRU are "Buy 2, get the 3rd free". And the week after that, Oct.
26-Nov. 1, all PS2 and Xbox games have the same deal! Yes…that’s
right….3 for the price of 2! Yay! My dilemma is solved! Now instead
of spending $300 on games next week, I only have to spend $200! YES!!!

So, if you plan on buying more than 1 game in the next two weeks,
definitely check out this TRU deal, and give your wallet a break…

…or check out EBgames, the guys that always have deals going
[/corporate whore]


20 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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Returnin’ to the Breakdom

I returned from my trip to Lindsborg yesterday to a heaping pile of
homework for me to wade through. Honestly, it wasn’t that much, just
one thing that would take a good amount of time. I think you know the
feeling; you only have one more bit of homework to do, but it is
something so tedious and something that will actually require some
attention. This is the kind of assignment I returned to. I have my
first class at 9:30, it is 8:20 at the time I am hitting these keys,
and I have just finished said assignment. I’m pleased to report that
I’m happy with the results, but my opinion doesn’t really matter as
much. Lets hope my teacher gets a kick out of it as well.

Gaming is something I like to do. Unfortunately there has been this
drought of time lately. So many good titles to experience, yet so
little time for me to experience them. I need to learn to make time,
but as a geek this is not something I am good at doing. Schedules are
like recipes to me, I respect them for the joy they can bring, but put
one in front of me and they mean nothing.

I’ve come up with a simple solution; make time. I always make time for
homework and work. Why not for games? I mean, it is going to be my
career path, why not adjust my focus a bit? That is what I’m going to
do, and I think it will work out nicely. Hopefully for the both of us.

One of the reason’s I am so busy is that I am trying to redesign I’m a little dry on design ideas, so we will see how
that works out. I’m also trying to think of ways to advertise, and one
thing I can’t stress enough is that the best thing you guys can do to
help us out is to tell your friends about the site. Hopefully they will
tell their friends. That is how word travels. We’re looking at multiple
avenues for this kind of thing, and I shall try to keep you updated as
to what we come up with.

I try not to talk about the same things we discuss on the show, so if
you want my/our reactions to the masterful Max Payne 2, JakII, or even
X7, please download yesterday’s show.
I have a cold or SARS or something so you’ll have to excuse my voice.
For some reasonn, whenever I’m sick I tend to imagine my bloodstream
full of different things from Half-Life with my white blood cells
running around with crowbars and guns. I guess its my way of making
being sick a bit more interesting.

By the way, everyone may
remember Apple’s announcement of the G5 being the fastest thing to ever
happen to anyone ever in the history of things that ever happened…ever.
Maximum PC was supposed to get one from the beloved fruit company to do
a true "real life" benchmark, and see how it compared to the imaginary
ones Apple did. The last issue I read said they were just waiting on a
test unit from Apple to begin testing. I didn’t see this benchmark in
the newest issue, and I’m wondering what is taking Apple so long to
send them one. Fear? Nah. Terror.

I must now go do
things that I don’t want to do. But, don’t fear, after I return I am
going to slave away on the videos from last week. I will get them up
today, and I think you’ll enjoy watching it. Some funny things
happened, and I met some cool people. And there was Prince of Persia,
which was worth the time alone. I can’t overstate how good this game
is. It simply isn’t possible.

Trick or Treat, muthafucka

20 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 7:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

19 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Island
OK, I will ask everyone that reads this to suspend disbelief for the
time necessary to explain my scenario. If you’ve ever seen Escape From L.A.or Escape From New York,
you’ll pick up real fast. It goes something like this: in the near
future, a catastrophic earthquake takes place, turning California (or
New York) into an island. The President of the United States decides
that trying to clean up the island was too much work, and instead turns
the island into a land of exile for the countries worst criminals. If
you broke the law you got sent to the island, never to see society
again; simple as that.

Well, in suspension of disbelief, let’s just say for a minute that I
am the President, and I get to dictate who end’s up on the island. This
is the list I have compiled of people I felt worthy of residence on the
new-found prison:

1.) Joe Lieberman
2.) Force whores in JKII
3.) Chat-killers
4.) People who don’t use their turn signals
5.) The Backstreet Boys
6.) N’Sync
7.) Brad Ames
8.) Teamkilling fucktards
9.) Ignorant gamers
10.) Racists
11.) Jehovah’s Witnesses
12.) Fat Cops
13.) Every chick who turned me down in high school
14.) Apollo
15.) People who stare
16.) 13 year old AOLers
17.) Perfect Dark haters
18.) People who still think Doom is the best game for PC
19.) That God Damned tourist that cut me off the other day
20.) Players in high school
21.) Old people that drive slow
22.) Cheaters
23.) People who stole the Half-Life II code
24.) People who think anime is beneath them
25.) Posers

19 Oct 2003 by Richie

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The Game Show
a reminder, The Game Show starts at its new time of 7:00 PM Central on
Sunday. Hope to see you all there on Sunday. I’m actually in Lindsborg
hangin’ with Richie and Realm at the moment. Later. (Oh, and sorry
about the videos, I wouldn’t have made it to Lindsborg had I done them.
But, I shall do it with haste when I return to the Breakdom.)

18 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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It’s College Basketball Season!!!!
Well, I just got back from Late Night at the Phog, and I must say, it
was a blast. Just what I needed to get in the spirit for College
basketball this year….well…almost…

What I really need is ESPN College Hoops, then I’ll have my fix for
sure…but earlier was a great time nevertheless. Break, you should’ve
been there….they had the coolest drum core/marching band/kickass show
ever. You would have looked like I did during the showdown in Kill Bill.

But anyways, college basketball is officially here, I just started the
3rd part of Max Payne 2 (which is fucking great), and I started playing
around with Jak II…so far, so good…we’ll see how much better it
gets…I just got my first gun

Well, tomorrow KU plays Baylor in our Homecoming game, so I need to get
some sleep before I head off to start tailgating…hope everyone has a
great saturday…this is going to be a great season…I can feel it.


18 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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The love story to end all love stories.
Well, after much trial and tribulation, I was able to get my hands on a
copy of Max Payne II last night, but from a different Wal-Mart. In my
last post, I called the Salina Wal-Mart, whom obviously didn’t have
what I was looking for. But a friend suggested I try the McPherson
Wal-Mart, and it turns out they had about a dozen pristine copies ready
for purchase. The fucked up thing is that McPherson is the lesser of
the two towns. Go figure.

Well, Salina can go to hell; I know where I’m going for my games now. I
even feel a twinge of shame over the fact that Wal-Mart is the best
option I have for getting games in my area. Just goes to show what a
pitiful plane of existence I live on.

And now that I own the Payne, I can tell you with full honesty that is
it just as good as the first, if not better. I feel like a heathen for
even having the faintest shadow of a doubt that this game would be its
predecessors equal. I’m only two or three hours into it, but I’m
already hip deep in the intense story. The weapons are just as well
balanced and crafted as the first, and the combat is just as intense,
if not more so, and even brings a level of challenge to veteran Max
Payne players. The graphical changes are there, and improve on the
firsts still-beautiful scenery, and the addition of the new physics
engine allows players to turn every room inside out with explosives and
gunfire. And to go along with the carnage is improved sound; everything
from water dripping on a wood floor to the sound of Max reloading his
Desert Eagle.

I’m not going to say anything about the story, but I can say this: Max
Payne II is about as hard-edged and gritty as it comes these days.
Example: during a shootout scene, another character is hit, and his
dying words are “Bullshit!” If you have a PC capable of running it,
then by all means, buy it.

17 Oct 2003 by Richie

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Wal-Mart: The One-Stop-Shop For Gamers
Richie: "Hi, I’m looking for a copy of Max Payne II, do you guys have any?"

Wal-Mart: "(silence)…Max Payne?"

Richie: "Ya, Max Payne II, got any?"

Wal-Mart: "…on what?"

Richie: "PC."

Wal-Mart: "Um, OK, hold on…" (Click)

(10 minutes on hold)

Wal-Mart: "OK, its $19.95."

Richie: "…eh, are you sure? I mean, it just came out a few days ago."

Wal-Mart: "Well, ya, got it right here, says Max Payne on it."

Richie: "No no, Max Payne II."

Wal-Mart: "Oh, well, um, no, we don’t have any."


16 Oct 2003 by Richie

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Booth Babes, Prince of Persia, and XIII; OH MY!

The Fall College Tour payed KU a visit last Monday, and loosecannon and
I were in attendance. I entered this event with some extremely low
expectations, but was surprised to see an event that was worth going

According to GameSpot, these games were supposed to be there:
EA Sports
NBA Live 2004
Rugby 2004
NHL 2004
Madden NFL 2004
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
NASCAR Thunder 2004
NCAA Football 2004
FIFA Soccer 2004

EA Sports BIG
NFL Street
NBA Street Vol. 2

EA Games
Need for Speed Underground
Freedom Fighters
The Sims

Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This at Home
Legacy of Kain: Defiance

NFL Blitz Pro
NHL Hitz Pro
Spy Hunter 2

Midway Sports
NFL Blitz Pro
NHL Hitz Pro

Prince of Persia
Beyond Good & Evil
Rainbow Six 3
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

US Army
America’s Army

There were two games there that I cared about, though; XIII and Prince
of Persia. I have been curious about Prince of Persia for a very long
time, but have not been able to get really excited like so many others.
As I walked past the belly dancer booth babe into the Arabian tent
filled with pillows and other such apporpraite gear, something changed
in me. When you see a great game for the first time, or see it for the
first time that it matters to you, your brain does this kind of snap.
It kind of kicks itself and say, "Break, this is a motherfucking great
game." I concur, and wholeheartedly support this game in all its forms.
Play it on your wang for all I care, but this game is going to be
classic. I’ve got a bunch of video of this game, and the rest of the
conference for that matter, so expect to see that by the end of the
day. I will also be doing a preview of it. Before you dismiss this as
hype take this fragment into consideration, "B e t t e r t h a n Z e l
d a." Now take into consideration who just said that, and you may have
just gotten a few butterflies in your stomachs, if not a full out pant
wettage. I’m going to work on those videos now. I hope to see you all
here later.

16 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I have no fucking idea what school you’re talking about.
I feel very fortunate that I have an extremely easy week at school, and
a four day weekend coming up, because between The Matrix: Reloaded, Max
Payne II, and Halo PC, I’m sure that school would get far less time
than it should. Now college students, like Jack and Break, it’s logical
they care about school: they’re paying a lot of money to be there. And
I would be too, but it’s near fruitless for me to attempt to become
motivated about sitting in a freezing cement prison, listening to some
coach-turned-teacher-in-the-public-school-funding-crisis drone on about
a subject that neither he nor I could care less about. Especially when
I could be handing people their asses flying a banshee in Halo PC.

When you see one of your shoulder-fired rockets neatly connect with a
speeding enemy ghost, or watching one of your plasma grenades find
purchase on a moving warthog, only to detonate a second later, spilling
passengers, dead and alive, onto the Bloody dirt of the Gluch, you
can’t help but grin, stand up, and yell, “Eat shit and die,
motherfucker!” It’s Kodak moments like these that really make
multiplayer games enjoyable, and something that Halo PC makes extremely
easy to do. The controls are great, the weapons are numerous and well
balanced, and the vehicles make the game a completely evolved combat
experience. And if you’re struggling to pull off picture-perfect
moments like the ones above, or if you just want to get a few tactics
to add to your already 1337 skillz, you would do well to drop by Jack
Burton’s strategies thread, in which he’s made available all his Halo tricks and tactics.

I’ll be picking up Max Payne II tonight, which I’m extremely curious
about. I’m fairly confident that the gameplay will be the top-notch
material that we were spoiled with in the original, but the storyline
is what concerns me. Max’s hard-edged, no-bullshit attitude was a huge
part of the original for me, and I just pray that they haven’t fucked
with that. Reloaded is the other way around. The first time I saw it in
theatres, I had a hard time putting my feelings into words. Then it
came to me: that sucked. But I can’t get away from the feeling that
there must have been something I missed the first time around, or that
I must have been in a coma, so I’m hoping that I’ll like it on DVD.
That’s the way it was with The Two Towers in my case, and I’m hoping to
go two for two.

15 Oct 2003 by Richie

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Thanks for the support….
So I survived my Western Civ. Test, but I still have quite the week to
plow through as well…argh…what’s a gamer in school to do?

I know!

Let’s think about all the great games coming out the rest of the week!


NBA Live 2004
Wallace & Grommit: Project Zoo
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu


NBA Live 2004
Jak II
MegaMan X7
Tak & the Power of Juju
Virtual-On Marz
Batman: ROST


NBA Live 2004
Kirby Air Ride
Tak & the Power of Juju


UFO: Aftermath
NBA Live 2004


MegaMan Zero 2
Tak & Juju
SimCity 2000

Well…maybe it’s not quite as good as next week (Crimson Skies,
Grabbed by the Ghoulies), but it’s the first of many weeks where we as
gamers have to bite the bullet and decide which games to get, and which
to pass on. I for one will probably only be picking up Max Payne 2 this
week since I’m so busy, and because I know that most of those other
games (save for Jak II) probably won’t hold my interest for very long.
Especially NBA Live 2004. God, does this game suck. I mean, the
freestyle stuff was kind of cool last year…I mean, at least EA put
some effort in to the 2003 edition of Live, but Live 2004 seems like it
just took a big step backwards, and now plays more like 2002 than 2003.
Guess what basketball game is better? Yup…that’s right. ESPN NBA
Basketball. I just played the demo that came on the newest OPM
(Official Playstation Magazine). Man, is this game sweet. It only lets
you pick from the Nets or the Spurs in the demo, but the gameplay is
solid, and the control problems from last year’s version have been
addressed and fixed accordingly. If you’re a basketball fan, and you
can’t hold out until ESPN College Hoops, I strongly suggest picking up
ESPN NBA. You more than likely won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t.


15 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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The Wonders of Siege
Most of my days recently have been spent in the playing of Siege mode
in Jedi Academy. Though there have been many hours also spent with FFX,
whenever Thud is playing his crap, I am always quick to find a nice
game of Siege at Hoth where i can snipe unsuspecting Imperials as the
try to take the base. I have also found the fun of being a Tech in
Siege mode and using my amzing…whatever it is they do and program
turrets and crack codes and such. This is always fun since you can just
program some turrets to kill while you run off and cause mayhem
somewhere else.

I was checking out Gamespot today and was extremely pleased to see an
interview with one of the guys working on both Final Fantasy: Advent
Children and Kingdom Hearts II. He answers some questions and says I
cant answer that at this time a lot about KH, but he was pretty giving
with info on Advent. Also on Gamespot is a not so exciting review of
Mega Man X7. So far I hav’nt seen one positive review of the game from
anywhere. This to me seals the fact that the great series of X is dead.
I always hoped the series would last until they ran out of animals to
make into bosses….which they obviously have because of the fucking
TORNADO ONION. Seriously I like the Arctic Albacore, a tuna boss would
be the best thing going for this game as far as I’ve heard. But iI
guess the people of Capcom just are’nt tuna fans. The bastards, but I
must return to my pilgrimage with Yuna.
-Shadow out

14 Oct 2003 by ShadowmanX

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So I had some free time today…
Between my classes and my awful Western Civ. test that I have to take
tonight, I found that I had nothing to do, except for study…so I
decided that I’d take some time out and show some love to our much
under-utilized Strategy Forum.

I whipped up a little help
for those of you looking to get better at Halo multiplayer, whether it
be for single player games, or for team games. I’m trying to draw on my
experiences playing at NVGL
and in tournaments, so hopefully everyone can benefit from it….and if
you have any questions about the strategies as well, please, you are
more than welcome to add any comments or questions you might
have….and yes, these strategies do work for both xbox and pc halo.

But anyways, in more gaming-related news, EA just got 0wn3d by UbiSoft today. According to Gamespot,
a Canadian Judge has upheld the injunction by UbiSoft that stated that
4 programmers from the original Splinter Cell team that had jumped ship
to EA were not allowed to work with them because of a non-compete
agreement that all 4 employees signed when they took their jobs with

Now…if we can just work on getting the rest of EA to fail like their legal team does….

Wish me luck on my WC exam! I’ll need it!


13 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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All things Bill.

I just returned from seeing Kill Bill for a second time. I must say
that it is one of the better movies I have seen in a long time. I
absolutely loved Pulp Fiction, and have been waiting for this movie
along time. Ever since I saw the trailer I wondered what kind of
Samurai crazyness I would get to witness when I finally saw it. I must
say that I was not dissapointed; which is somewhat of a rarity in
movies I look forward to. Richie also saw it tonight, and I look
forward to hearing his impressions of it.

It is much more
of a visual tale, then anything else. A violent, but beautiful picture
painted onto an hour and fifty minute canvas. Filled with some of the
coolest things I have ever seen. Everything about the movie was just
great, but you can’t help but smile when you combine some of the
visuals with some of the audio you are hearing. An absolute perfect
combination. A great movie, and I highly recommend you see it.

On the gaming front there has been quite the flurry of happenings.
HaloPC came out, as did Viewtiful Joe. And if that wasn’t enough, there
are many games I never got a chance to finish that I’m currently
traveling through. Final Fantasy X and VIII for starters.

Back to the new games, though. Viewtiful Joe is the first game I’ve
seen that has truly gotten the whole style-action thing down. The style
actually adds to the game, rather than detracting. Which I must say is
quite an accomplishment. It handles like a dream, and rewards you for
using stylish moves. It is really amazing how well this game plays.
Besides that, it also looks really nice and sounds nice; which never
hurt anyone either. Viewtiful Joe is an experience unlike any I have
had so far, and it is definately one to put on your list.

As you know from the past shows, HaloPC is basically Halo with a slight
bit of added coolness pumped in. I absoultely relish the dogfights, and
like attacking helpless people out of vehicles as well. It really is a
lot of fun, and gives us the online multiplayer that the Xbox version

Loosecannon and I just got our recording equipment for our band, so we
should be pumping out some tunes for everyone to listen to soon. In the
meantime my place is like a dense cavern filled with all sorts of
different kinds of cable that one must almost have a map to navigate.
Yeah, its pretty cordy, but hopefully only for a limited time.

We are also changing the time of the show from 6 PM CENTRAL on
Saturday, to 7 PM CENTRAL on Sunday. We’re hoping this will benefit
everyone, and give them a better chance to listen. Speaking of shows,
the show from the 11th can now be downloaded here.

13 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

11 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Do you want an online Smath Brothers?

09 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Archived Game Shows
Uploaded a bunch of past shows for you all to download. They are now up to last Saturday.

Click here. (Or click Game Radio Show on your left.)

08 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Fuck you, you code-stealing motherfuckers."

I apologize for the language in my post, but I feel it is quite
necessary to express the hatred that I am feeling towards the hacking
assholes that decided it would be fun to get their hands on some source
from Valve.

On a related note, I would hope that Bungie takes steps to ensure that
this sort of thing doesn’t happen to them, if they don’t already…I
can only imagine what the release date would be if this happened to
halo 2….but it won’t, right? Right.

So, there you have it….Halo 2 will officially beat Half-Life 2 as GOTY for 2004.


07 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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New GameCube Bundle

A kind listener named ChOiWOOKIE wrote in about this wonderful new
bundle. Apparently Nintendo is going to make this Christmas a very
Zelda Christmas. If you buy a GameCube you will get all of these
awesome games:

- Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The
Adventure of Link, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda:
Majora’s Mask, and a Zelda Documentary.

I’m hopeful
that they will sell this separately as well, because this is the kind
of thing that a Zelda fan, me, dreams for. A bit more info here.

06 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Fun stuff
Jedi Academy is a good time for sure. I have yet to play much
multiplayer because of my rule of beating the single player first which
i just did a few moments earlier. I apologize for my abscense last
saturday but it was the coming of home at my school, so i had to
attend. I suggest if you enjoyed Outcast you play Academy though for
sure. I must not leave to play some FFX style.
Shadow out
06 Oct 2003 by ShadowmanX

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The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

04 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

comments (0) LAN PARTY!!!
Not to steal the thunder from the FFVII-2 movie, but this weekend we
are going to have the FIRST official LAN Party in

If you would like to attend, here are the facts that you need to know:

1. Cost is $10 a person, BYOE (everything). All the proceeds go to

2. We will go from 5 PM Friday, Oct. 3rd to 8 PM Saturday, Oct. 4th.

3. We will be playing all sorts of games, but Halo PC is what we would like to play most of the time.

4. Space is limited. So, if you want to attend, we need you to RSVP.
You can do so by e-mailing one or both of the following e-mail


Please try to make it, it will be a blast, I guarantee. Everyone that
shows up will get to see how we do the radio show every weekend, plus
you’ll get to beat the crap out of us in a lot of PC games. It’ll be
freakin’ sweet. So RSVP now if you want to come! Space is limited!


01 Oct 2003 by Jack Burton

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I almost choked on my tongue when I saw these.

Yes, those are pictures from the Final Fantasy VII movie. Yeah, I’m excited.

01 Oct 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Mighty Studios
If you are even remotely interested in Game Development I strongly suggest you take the short walk over to Mighty Studioswhich is Mighty Bean‘s
site. For those of you new to the community here, Mighty Bean is a
programmer at Bungie, and is currently working on Halo2.

28 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Thing’s you all need to be aware of.
First, the Revolutions trailer. Ho-lee-shit. I’m pretty sure all the dedicated Matrix fans out there have already seen it, but if you give even half
a rat’s ass about The Matrix, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t
be floored by this trailer. I’m scared to say more about it, but I fear
that I might spoil the trailerfor you. Only a trilogy like The Matrix could instill that kind of fear in a person.
And, if it isn’t already, mark down November 5th on your calendars, cause that’s when the revolution arrives.

Second, a set of recently released Max Payne 2 gameplay video’s, which can be obtained here.
It’s….different. The gameplay seems to be the good old
barrel’s-blazing, bullets-flying action we all know and love, but with
some more run-and-gun fast-pacedness added in, and enhanced graphics. I
pretty sure that the whole idea in gameplay will come off well, but
what bothers me is the graphic novel. I don’t know exactly how, but Max
and Mona seem to be different people this time around. That I’m not so
sure about. Max was a hands-down badass in the original, and Mona
seemed to be a perfect compliment, but there’s a different feel to how
the two interact now. Just go get the videos and judge for yourself.

This last one pertains mostly to PC gamers only, but I feel it’s worthy
of mention to all anyway. You’ve heard me (and, to a lesser extent,
Jack) rant and rave on The Game Show about Halo PC for months, and
you’ll finally get to hear us stop next week, cause this much-awaited
port hit’s shelves this Tuesday. I preordered my copy from
today, and I’ve already got two 12-packs of Dew sitting next to my
minifridge, ready to be consumed when Halo arrives at my door.

28 Sep 2003 by Richie

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The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

27 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Rainbow Six 3 Demo Disc
Ok everyone…I now present to you, the next HUGE seller for UbiSoft this holiday season:


Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying, it’s just a PC port of a year
old game. Hardly. UbiSoft completely went back through and rewrote the
game from the ground up using the Splinter Cell engine on Xbox, and
have created what is definitely one of the finest looking xbox games
(or games period) to date. All I’ve played is the one level demo that
you can pick up at your local EB for just putting $5 down on it. Here
are some really cool features, that are just in the demo:

1. 5.1 Dolby Digital…yeah, I know, it’s in every xbox game…but this is definitely the best use of it since Halo.

2. The lighting: Think Splinter Cell but pumped up to look
ultra-realistic. This game looks damn good, and the night-vision and
thermal vision look even better than SC’s.

3. The team commands…much like it’s PC counterpart, R6-3 is all about
teamwork, and the commands and controls work just wonderfully…

4. The headset functions….FINALLY…just like in some other games, if
you have an XBL headset, you can use it to issue commands to your
teammates…there are roughly 80 different voice commands you can give
to your teammates, ranging from "go go go" to "Open, Frag and Clear"
it’s just amazing.

I played this one level demo (which takes place in a prison that more
than resembles Alcatraz, which is famous for the shower scene in the
movie, The Rock) And man, is it awesome…UbiSoft definitely has
another hit on their hands with this game, if the demo is any

Anyone that has an Xbox, go put your money down on this game right now, and experience the awesomeness that is R6-3.

Oh yeah…did I mention it’s exclusive to Xbox and on Xbox Live???


25 Sep 2003 by Jack Burton

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Well, shit.
If anyone can remember back to a certain episode a few weeks ago, in
which members of The Radio Show took a flamethrower to a new handheld
system because it supported 5.1 headphones. I mean, come on, 5.1
headphones. Try to wrap your mind around that: five satellites and one
subwoofer. Mounted on your head. Well, the world never ceases to amaze
me, because just that has been known to me by the folks over at Tom’s

More information can be found here.

I retract my previous statement about 5.1 headphones.

24 Sep 2003 by Richie

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wonderful reviews. Justsoya know, there is some remodeling going on
behind the scenes. Things will be cleaned up fairly soon, and I hope it
is to your liking.

NFL Fever ESPN NFL Football ESPN NHL Hockey

23 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Why in the name of all that is sacred am I d/ling the Lords of
Everquest Demo. I dont want to, but I must. My fate is sealed, I have
no choice.
-ShadowmanX out
22 Sep 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Shows to listen to
August 30th
September 6th
September 13th
20 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show
*Note that today’s show will be shorter, because I have to attend a dinner tonight. Prolly only 20 minutes.*

Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

20 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Ninja Gaiden on Xbox News!
***Edited by BreakmanX*** {Fixed Jack’s link. And my act is very together, I just need to find time. (I’m at work now)}

Over on,
they’re reporting that in an interview with Tomonobu Itagaki (head of
Tecmo’s Team Ninja), Ninja Gaiden on xbox will have the original Arcade
version of Ninja Gaiden as an unlockable inside the game, and that
there will be an online master ninja tournament on xbox live. While he
didn’t say if that meant a vs. mode or just online rankings, the
possibility of online ninja duels makes me want to wet myself…I
REALLY can’t wait for this game now….

Oh yeah, and a
cheap plug for myself too…as soon as Break gets his act together,
I’ll have some new reviews up for everyone: ESPN NFL Football on
Xbox/PS2, ESPN NHL Hockey on Xbox/PS2, and NFL Fever 2004 for Xbox.


18 Sep 2003 by Jack Burton

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Microsoft Interviews
interview with Kevin Browne can be downloaded here for now. (still
getting my hard drive ready to go again.) A feature is coming up. He
has some really good ideas about Xbox, Xbox live, and games in general.
I was excited about what he said, and I think you will too.
Quicktime (warning, large file)| Quicktime Required

No wait streaming version | Real Player required

Pete Parsons of Bungie should be up soon as well.

I’m actually doing a feature with all this, but I have had a severe
lack of time since I got back from Redmond. Shouldn’t be too much
longer though.

16 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show
Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

13 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I can’t possible describe how good this is.
Just go here…now.

One of my favorite franchises… on one disc. For your GameCube or Ps2.

According to Planet GameCube, it will feature;
10 Mega Man games on one disk –
Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 8
Two never before released in the US Mega Man arcade games: Mega Man the Power Battle and Mega Man 2 the Power Fighters
Additional content – Unlock hidden original artwork, producer
interviews, footage from the original TV commercials, anime videos and
information about the entire franchise
Updated soundtracks

All right, I’m going to go change my pants.

12 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Xbox Live 2.0 Out!
Hey everyone. I just posted this all over the forums, but for those of
you who don’t want to dredge through the forums on the site, I thought
I might tell you that Xbox Live 2.0 has indeed been released…4 days

I seriously suggest checking it out, as the new dashboard for XBL is
awesome, and the dashboard chatrooms are quite cool as well. Let us
know what you think in the forums! I’ll see everyone on XBL! Gamertag:
Jack Burt0n.


11 Sep 2003 by Jack Burton

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The Game Show
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

06 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Aug 30 Show is up

Unfortunately I can’t edit The Game Show page for a few days. Still working on that Hard Drive…

03 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Video Interviews from Microsoft

Sorry for the delay in posting our video interviews from Microsoft, but
I’ve had non stop work to do since arriving back at Lawrence. Hopefully
I can get at least one of them up tonight after work. Thanks for your
patience. They are my #1 priority at the moment.

I must now go to work, before I’m late.

02 Sep 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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It Ain’t Just You
I share the same feelings as you do. The only way I’ve found to
progress in the game is by using the throwing attackes over and over,
either killing my foe or throwing them off the edge, which really
degrades the fun of the game, not to mention making me feel cheap and
lame inside. But, outside of that, I’ve found no problems. I didn’t get
the story at first either, but by reading the arcade endings and
profiles, I’ve been able to put most of it together. I won’t ruin it
for others, but one thing I can tell you is that Soul Edge is the
sword, and Soul Calibur is a guy closely related to it.

I’ve found myself to be best with Ivy, out of all the characters I’ve
put time into, but only more play will determine who is best suited to
me. And my love for Ivy is really love for her sword, which is one of
the most original and powerful in the game. Next to Link and the Master
Sword, of course .

01 Sep 2003 by Richie

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Don’t Get Me Wrong
Soul Caliber 2, wow what a good yet completely frustrating game. See im
doin this thing called Weapon Master Mode. It sounds fun and all, walk
around, kill people, get new weapons, great fun right? This mode asks
me to do some retarded stuff. You must beat these 5 guys in 20 secs by
knocking them off the arena. This is fuckin tough…or i just suck
whichever the case may be. And its not like I can just not do Weapon
Master Mode. I have to beat it so i can see what Kilik and YunSung Soul
Edge weapons so its not even an option. Then speaking of the Soul Edge
I swear to christ they need a god damn book to come along with this
game explaining what the hell is going on in this story. Its like being
deaf and watching Mission:Impossible with no subtitles. Cause theres a
Soul Edge and a Soul Caliber one of them is good I think, and there
might be two of one of them. Im not really sure what the fuck is going
on with this game but i do like it a lot. My best character is Kilik
with his big rod…..and YunSungs coo too. Anyway ill have more about
this game soon as im sure we all will. I think we all got the Gamecube
versions so i couldnt tell you how Spawn or the Tekken guy is doing but
Link is pretty coo.
-Shadow out
31 Aug 2003 by ShadowmanX

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The Game Show
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

30 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Bearer of Bad News
Well, not really that bad, not even so bad, maybe only just
inconvenient, but anyway, Break and Jacks plane was delayed, and are
currently weaving through traffic, trying to get back for the usual
showtime. But they estimate they will be at least 15 minutes late, so
just keep keep the station tuned in, and if there are any more delays,
we’ll let you know here.

But, rest assured, the wait will be worth it, as Break and Jack bear
audio and video from their recent trip to Bungie and Nintendo, so stay

30 Aug 2003 by Richie

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There are some Crystals that simply must be Chronicled.
night I had the pleasure of meeting and eating supper with my friend
Greg Snook of Bungie. A million thanks are due to him for all he has
done to help us out, I only wish there was some way to repay him. Greg
is ‘da man.

was really cool to finally meet Greg in person. This morning, Greg
picked us up and took us to Microsoft Game Studios first where we
interviewed the studio head there named Kevin Browne. Extremely nice
and informative guy. We’ve got a nice video interview done, but I need
to get back to my computer in Lawrence before I can capture it. We
heard some really interesting information regarding Xbox live, and the
future of Microsoft sports titles. I was really impressed with their
attention to the wants and needs of the gamer. In other words, I’ll be
getting Fever and all the other MS sports titles as they arrive on
store shelves. I advise you to do the same so we can duke it out
online. I can’t wait to show the interview, I think we got some really
interesting stuff. Look for it on Saturday night or Sunday.

After that interview we got a grand tour of Bungie; which is a mixture
of the perfect working environment, high tech gadgetry, and your best
friend’s basement. Bungie really holds its own, even though it is
technically a part of Microsoft. Right where Bungie begins, even the
carpet changes. It is much more open thant the rest of it with people
able to easily comminicate without having to use instant messenger or
anything. After our tour, we met Pete Parsons (former head of marketing
for Xbox, and now studio head of Bungie) and did a personal interview
with him. Extremely nice guy, and very easy to talk to. We had a lot of
fun talking to him, and feel we got some interesting stuff for you guys
to see as well. I can’t wait to show you guys this footage as well.
After that Greg showed us a game that starts with an H and ends with a
2. Its kind of an underground game, not much buzz or anything, but I
think it will sell ok when its released. The whole day went
unbelievably well.

After all this we put on some clean
pants, and ate lunch with Greg at the Microsoft cafeteria. Very nice
eats, I might add. Greg then took us by Nintendo, where I just kind of
stared for awhile (Jack wants it noted he was not participating in the
staring.) It’s really interesting how close Microsoft and Nintendo are;
in fact they are right next door to each other. So, all that stuff went
absolutely awesome. Greg’s taking us back tomorrow for a chance to play
Top Spin Tennis; which we are greatly looking forward too. We’ll talk
more about the trip on the show on Saturday.
We got back to the hotel and took a bit of a break, and then I called
Gabe to see what he was up to. Turned out him, Tycho, Brad, and Porkfry
were heading up to Lanwerx for a night of Final Fantasy Crystal
Chronicles. Jack and I headed over there, and the six of us hung out
with the Crystals for a few hours. As soon as I get home, I want to buy
this game. Seeing it in action was breathtaking. The graphics and the
gameplay are something that could make a game good if it only had one
or the other, but this combination is something that should not be
missed. Tycho and I were discussing the bumpmapping used, and we agreed
that it is some of the best ever, if the the
best ever. If you have a GameCube and a GBA, you should get his title.
And if you don’t have a GBA, you should rethink your gamerself and
realize that you need one. Besides witnessing it, the three of them
also spoke of the game with an immense amount of detail and passion; I
just want this game so much.

Today kicked ass, but now I need some sleepage. More pictures and information to come later.

29 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Halo 2
Wow…Halo 2 live looks much better than Halo 2 on a video. And Bungie is awesome…I knew it all along…


28 Aug 2003 by Jack Burton

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I’m at Microsoft

Just wanted to post something from here. I am standing in the middle of
Bungie next to people working and playing Halo2. I am a slight bit

So, yeah, I’m having a good time here. See ya later.

28 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Coming to you from Redmond Washington
has been a day unlike any day I have experienced before. It has been an
incredibly long day, as we did wake up at four in the morning. Which,
as any of you who know me, is not something that can or will happen
often. The last time I got up that early was when I got my GameCube.
Yeah, it is that serious.

But, this day has also been an
extremely eventful day. I was hurled several thousand feet in the air
at several hundered MPH, until I arrived at my destination; Redmond,
Washington. (Click on any of the pictures to view a larger version.)

This place has pretty much been my life destination. Coming from
Kansas, places like Microsoft and Nintendo are almost like mystical
places spoken of only in legend. I felt like I should be granted some
kind of fucking magical staff or something upon arrival. It is just odd
for me to think that I am in walking distance from places that matter
to me. Matter a lot even.

Coming from a land vastly populated with things related to farming, and
arriving at a place that has much to do with the stuff I love is quite
a shocking and wonderful experience. So, yeah, the flight went well,
and I got to Redmond ok.

We got to our hotel, checked in, and I immediately called Greg Snook, who you may remember from our Halo2 special,
and let him know that we were in town. I get to meet Greg tonight for
the first time in person, and I am looking forward to it. Like I said,
gaming related places always seemed to be something of fantasy, it is
all so real now. It is kind of surreal, I guess.

Next, I proceeded to set up the portable BreakLabX:

After finishing up the initial preparations, we decided to kill the
rest of the time until food consumage by checking out the local mall.

This plaza is one of the best experiences is mall-like shopping one
could hope for. To start with, it is entirely outside. In Kansas its
been above 100 degrees all week. Which means, its way too fucking hot.
It is a nice 65 here, with a breeze that keeps you at just the right
temperature. It is sunny, but you don’t feel uncomfortable. If I had to
describe it, I would say perfect.

Jack decided to try something he’d never had before; I believe he
called it "Pizza"; meanwhile I decided to have Gyro made out of lamb
meat. I figured I was already in the holy land, why not go all the way.
As we left, I have to admit that the coke I had there didn’t entirely
quench my thirst. No worries, however, there was a guy there handing
out free vanilla coke.
Yeah, not only was he handing out free soda, but it was coke; and not
just coke… VANILLA coke. Yeah, I dunno what these people are trying
to pull, but I really want to live here. Not saying that Redmond is a
maze of people continually throwing Vanilla Coke at you or anything.
Well, at least not all the time.

We also went by the EB that we are told Tycho and Gabe frequent.

We went in and looked around, knowing that this must be the king of all
EB’s. Smackdab between Nintendo and Microsoft, this EB was caught in a
holy war of epic proportions. We were lucky to make it out without some
sort of wound, or without a decapitation or two.

As we starting walking back to our hotel, I started wondering about the
rain I’d always heard about. I mean, it can’t ALWAYS be this nice out.
Turns out they have this covered too.

And to conclude, the stories of multiple StarBucks within a block of eachother are completely true.

We also took a picture each in front of a weird fountain/sundial/compass thingy; so enjoy.

27 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Ok, so I ended up going with Break to the city known as Redmond, WA.
Home of Bungie and of Microsoft. Having only been here for about 4
hours, this is what I can tell you so far about this fair city:

1. Kansas weather sucks—the temperature here is a nice, cool 65
degrees, with a heat index of 70. In fact, the weather is so nice here,
that the mall here is actually outside!

2. Starbucks are indeed within 1 block of each other here. I mean, i
saw 2 starbucks for the 1 mcdonalds that I saw…a 2:1 Starbucks to
McDonalds ratio? That’s insane.

3. Everyone here is super nice…since the mall is outside, they offer
you FREE umbrellas! Break has some pictures of it. Also, they give away
free Vanilla Coke! How cool is that?

4. EBs are a lot cooler when they are near Microsoft. Not to be
fanboyish or anything, but I talked to the manager of the EBX here in
the mall, and he said that the Xbox outsells the ps2 like 2:1 here, and
that all of the microsoft employees come in during their lunch breaks
and buy all sorts of stuff…he said the nintendo guys come in there
sometimes also, which is also cool.

So, those are my initial impressions of Redmond, WA. I’m going to be
spending more time here with Break, so there will definitely be more
posts from Break and myself…he’s gonna post some pictures we took of
the place so far, so stay tuned! Should be a very interesting


27 Aug 2003 by Jack Burton

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Tetris Worlds on XBL tonight!
OK, for anyone that wants to tonight, I’m gonna be on XBL playing
Tetris Worlds around 10:30-11:30 CST tonight. I’ll be hosting, so
anyone that wants to get a game in is more than welcome to hop on and
try to see if you have what it takes to best Jack Burt0n. My gamertag
is: Jack Burt0n. I’ll check my friends list between each match, so as
to see if anyone is waiting to get into the game. If you don’t have
Tetris Worlds online, but you have XBL, go get it! It’s only $20. You
MUST have this wonderful game.


25 Aug 2003 by Jack Burton

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Well shit.
so it finally happened today. My 120 GB harddrive went pooey on me.
Actually, Windows just thinks it isn’t formatted, even though it is.
Silly windows. So, yeah, I have my entire CD collection on my computer
as well as clips and various things I’ve downloaded since eighth grade.
It looks like its all shatted on. I’m working on some recovery things,
so wish me luck. But, until then, I won’t be able to upload this week’s
show, as it was on there too. Wish me luck.
25 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show
Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
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14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

23 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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One of my favorite bands…

Yay, one of my bands is coming out with a new album soon.

18 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Phantom Movie

I still think it’s a hoax, or they don’t have anything put together
yet. Loosey-goosey bastards. At any rate, after watching that video, I
really want to punch these guys in the face even more than I did during
the show earlier today. And those system specs are WAY too ambiguous.
Please, feel free to comment, as I want to know what everyone else here
thinks about the loosest console that might be on the market.


17 Aug 2003 by Jack Burton

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The Game Show
Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

16 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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What’s the retail on one of those?
While in Wichita picking up a computer for my folks, I had the
opportunity to join up with Shadow at Aladdin’s arcade, where the most
sacred and holy Time Crisis 3 was to be found. And it was everything I
thought (or hoped) it could be. The recoiling gun, the weapon change
system, and the good old frantic baddie blasting fun of the first two
games left me weak kneed coming out of the arcade. You see, during my
exile to this God forsaken tourist trap called Lindsborg, the only
arcade available to me is in Salina, 20 miles away, and is sub par, at
best. The newest game there is some kind of aerial cycling game, and
the best shooter being Police Academy, easily four years old, with only
one good gun, the other’s optics so fucked up it couldn’t hit an
elephants ass at 5 feet. Much to my surprise, I found that my trigger
finger was still fast and steady, allowing me to beat Shadow in points
most of the time. But however good my trigger finger is, it still won’t
make up for my less than spectacular footwork (which Shadow excelled
in), leading to frequent deaths and curse words, directed either at the
boss that killed me, my right foot, or both.

Sadly, I only had about 45 minutes of play time before it was time for
me to make the journey back to Hell. But it was the best 45 minutes
I’ve spent in a long time, and really reminded me of what I was missing
in arcades. There were about 20 other games there that I wanted to
play, but had neither the time of money to do so properly, something I
hope to fix in the near future. A big thanks to the fuzzy panda for requesting the Arcade section on the forums, the main reason I started thinking about Time Crisis, and arcades in general, again.

12 Aug 2003 by Richie

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Lets get it on like Donkey Kong.
Last night I had the privilege of seeing American Weddingwith CaptainJack Burton, his girlfriend, and the man formerly known as dreamcubeboy.
I am not a huge fan of this series, but Stifler can make me laugh
extremely hard. Out of the three, I would have to say that this one is
the best done, and probobly the most funny as well. Stifler even goes
as far to make a Video Game reference in the movie, and making a clever
statement using the word wang. Any movie that does either already has a
few points in my book, and having a combination of the two is something
that is both rare and wonderful. If you like to laugh at things I can’t
really see why you wouldn’t want to see it. It’s not a grand work of
art or anything, but it is definately something you can enjoy. And as
he so elequently put it, "It’s all about the Stiffmeister."

A few days ago, I also had the pleasure of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl,
and I must say that it was rather good. Pirate lore at its best packed
with good action sequences, enjoyable dialogue, and plenty of visual
treats; this movie one I can recommend to anyone. Johnny Depp is
absolutely awesome as Captain Jack Sparrow, and is the main reason I
liked this movie so much. Legolas, I mean Link, I mean Orlando Bloom is
good in this movie as well. Mr. Sparrow definately steals the show, but
he is good for his role as well. Not much else I can say, except that
you should all see it, right now. I think that a certain evil magical
pirate will paticularly take to this one.

Sorry for not
being as active on the site. I’ve helped dreamcubeboy/loosecannon and
Jack Burton move in, I drove back to my hometown of Lindsborg to take
care of business (the same place Richie affectionately calls a
‘hellhole,’ and just been generally busy. But, yeah, all should be good
until I head up to Redmond on the 27th to go to see Bungie and the
Penny-Arcade guys.

You may or may not see Jack, he’s all into this game called KOTOR. I
know most of you prolly haven’t heard of it, but I hear its big with
all the kiddies.

I’m going to go play Galaxies now, later.

06 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

02 Aug 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Fuck, fuck, fuck, mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck…
Glad you all got a kick out of the "Fuck." picture. I’ll be sure to
swear my ass off next time we’re out hunting, as to give Break some
more picture opportunities .

Finding myself short on any meaningful news, I thought it was worth bringing this
thread to the attention of the general public. Started as an effort by
the one and only BreakmanX, its aim is to find out how many male and
female listeners we have to the Game Show. I ask anyone who listens to
cast your vote, so that we may have an accurate count. And the only way
to keep this accurate is to tell the truth so, please, set aside any
Galaxies personalities or alter egos you may have for the time
necessary to cast your vote. Thank you.

28 Jul 2003 by Richie

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26 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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26 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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YES! After a month of poking, prodding, and all-around getting screwed
over, I finally got my new computer up and running (minus the awesome
video card). This thing kicks so much ass, it’s not even funny. I’ve
been spending the last few days just playing all the games that I have
that I haven’t been able to run that well on my old pc in full
1600×1200 glory with all the effects turned on and still holding 60fps.
It’s so sweet…I love it…

Oh yeah…it’s name is Master-Chief :D


24 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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It’s one fucked up galaxy we live in.
Indeed, Galaxies has been the only game I’ve played in recent memory.
And, now that I dwell on recentness, I can honestly say that my life
has been divided into three parts: work, sleep, Galaxies. You could
even divide it into 2 parts, since Galaxies and sleep take up the same
time slot in a standard galactic day. There used to be a part in there
I called “Battling fanatical Mac fans who listen to no word other than
that of Apple”, but over four weeks of Jihad waging, and the general
consensus of on-lookers finding the debate to be extremely pointless,
allowed me to allocate that time to more important matters.

I have nothing but heartfelt sorrow for Beekz. I can only imagine
loosing a Galaxies character as equivalent to having a loved one die in
your arms. Or, more specifically, ending the life of a loved one
yourself, by your own hand, and THEN watching the loved one die in your
arms. My first thought when I read the news was to open a kind of
charity, something like, “Intergalactic Foundation For Helping Beekz
Get Back On His Feet”. That idea was quickly shot down when I read on
to find that Beekz had canceled his account. So much for that idea.

The only reason I can think of for this loss of character is in the
sequential maintenance that occurred from mid-afternoon till this
morning. Two by two, the servers were taken down for “emergency
maintenance”. I had no ill effects of this maintenance, but in fact
quite the opposite. The connection bug that was my sole complaint about
the game was fixed, and now the game hums along quite nicely.

VDG also informed me of his displeasure with Galaxies. Well, no one
ever said everyone would like it. But, fortunately, he’s also picked up
KOTOR, and is enjoying it immensely, so it’s not like he’s wallowing in
disappointment or anything.

23 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Star Wars Galaxies: Fucked by some for joy, fucked by others in rage.

I too have heard the horrendous tails of woe about our beloved game. My
experience has been quite a contrast to just about everything I have
heard from anyone, except for Richie and Shadow. Its almost like people
are playing different games.

I haven’t liked a game as much
as I like Galaxies in a long time. I do realize that it is not a game
that anyone can enjoy, and it is supposedly full of bugs. I do have to
admit that I have had a few problems logging on, but that has been the
extent of my problems.

But, to retort, Shadow, I love Galaxies. And it makes me very glad that I have a PC and not a G5, so I can enjoy it.

Honestly, Galaxies has been the only game I’ve played lately. I tried
to play KOTOR, but it only made me want to play Galaxies more.
Although, anything has had that effect. Each breath tends to remind me
of the gentle night breezes of Tattoine. Galaxies is something you have
to embrace, sort of like the Dark Side, I guess. For me, it was an
immediate thing. I’ve been a Star Wars geek since the days of the
original NES. I actually saw Return of The Jedi in the theatre during
its initial release as a baby. So, its been engrained into me. With
Galaxies its something that hits you. When I sat down with my best
friends in the Mos Eisley Cantina and talked about our plans to buy
ships and whatnot, I was hooked.

In the other MMORPG I play, called "Real Life," I actually talk about
Galaxies quite a bit. The other day I was in a restaurant called IHOP,
which is where you regain energy in this game, and I was explaining our
plans to get a ship and fly around the Galaxy to Jack’s girlfriend. She
understood what I was saying, but the people around me thought I was
from a mental asylum. What, with my womprats, interplanetary travel,
and blasters. Yeah, I know, what the fuck where they thinking?

23 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Completely Fucked
Well I woke up this morning to two comments from friends about
Galaxies. Both were bad. My friend Beekz was forced to delete his
character because it was "stuck." Then when he tried to make a new one,
it would not allow it. When he wrote to customer service they took a
break to ignore him. So theres one, the other was from VGDMasterX, who
questioned his ability to hate somthin more then he hated Galaxies. I
do not know the details of his situation but i assume it is similar to
beekz. So far Ritchie, q, and I have not expeirenced any such problems.
I have not communicated to Break but i assume i would have messages of
anger on my phone or aim. Since i can not relate i offer what sympathy
I can. Beekz has canceled his account I know which is a shame. Now this
is will all be void if in 2 min when i try to get on Dyne is "stuck".
At which point I will come back with much anger to bashify Sony.
23 Jul 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Star Wars is good
That is all.

22 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Show
The streaming version isn’t quite done yet, but if you like, you can download last Saturday’s show here.

21 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show
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14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

19 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Break’s on actual radio again…why am I doing his dirty work?
So, Break is gonna be on KJHK here in Lawrence again here coming up
soon from 3 AM until 6 AM CST on Saturday July 19th. If you live in
Lawrence, you can tune in at 90.7 FM on your radio dial.

If you don’t happen to be in Lawrence at that time, you can pop on by and check out KJHK’s shoutcast stream online at: KJHK Stream.

Hopefully some of you out there besides me are insomniacs and you’ll
catch this. Last time Break played a bunch of videogame music, as well
as some songs from Tycho’s band, and a few other really cool
bands…we’ll see what he plays this time. Good luck man, i’ll listen
until i fall asleep.


19 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Alright! Finally! Thank god!

I finally got my computer parts that I’ve been waiting on for so
long….now when I get back up to Lawrence, I can finally put my new
computer together with everything that’s going to be in it in the end,
except for the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra.

Anyways, I’m down here in wichita this weekend, and I hear there’s a
Red vs. Blue Halo tournament tomorrow that’s in town, so I may stop by
and school everyone there. Anyways, talk to everyone later….

….oh yeah….KOTOR is awesome. If you like Star Wars, or if you like
RPGs, you owe it to yourself to run out now and buy an xbox and KOTOR.
It’s friggin’ amazing, and I *just* got my lightsaber about 10 hours
into it….sidequests are amazing, the main story is really cool, and
force powers are really sweet. I really like the combat system…I’ll
probably go into more depth later on…but so far, I love it.


18 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Insert Imperial March Here

This was supposed to be the title of the news story I posted below.
I messed up…d’oh.


17 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Well, today’s the day. After nearly a year of anticipation, Star Wars
Knights of the Old Republic finally comes out today on Xbox. Break and
myself are heading over to EB Games to pick up our copies around 11 AM
here. I can’t wait, and Break could barely sleep he’s so hopped up on
Star Wars. I mean, the man has KOTOR today, and he was up until at
least 6 in the morning playing Galaxies…I think he’s gonna go into
sensory overload here within the next few days if Star Wars stuff keeps
happening…..wait. Let me correct that…if GoodStar Wars games keep happening. Yeah, that sounds better.

And if you doubt the greatness that is KOTOR, just to let you know, GMR
Magazine gave it their first 10/10, IGN gave it a 9.5, and Gamespot
gave it a 9.1. I seriously am almost dying with anticipation for this
game. Assuming that the game is everything that I hoped for out of a
Star Wars RPG that lets you go to either the light side or the dark
side, and become a jedi, I probably won’t post any of my impressions
about the game. I’ll be too busy force choking a smuggler that
threatened me, all while I’m saying, "I find your lack of faith
disturbing". Classic.

But anyways, I’m usually not one to buy into the hype for something
(although Break constantly points out that I do in his mind, however I
don’t) but, damn, the Star Wars geek inside me says that this game is
going to be one of the coolest ever, and I can’t wait to pick it up
later today.

Oh yeah, and whenever my new computer gets built (hopefully by monday
night) I’m probably gonna get Galaxies….but I may hold off on it
until I beat KOTOR as both a light and dark jedi. There’s so many
possibilities, my mind is numb because of it….oh well…2 hours to
go…I hope I can keep my sanity.


17 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Roosters and Cardboard
If any of you have taken the time to read down the various posts over
at Penny Arcade, like any good PA fan should, then you’ll know about
Cardboard Showdown. Simply put, it’s a cardboard tube fighting mod for
Jedi Knight II. Though it’s still in the “a guy with a few ideas on a
cocktail napkin” stage, it looks awesome nonetheless, and even has the
endorsement of Gabe himself. I fully intend to keep at least one eye on
this, perhaps more. If I didn’t already own JKII, I would be allocating
money at this moment towards the purchase of JKII, just to play this
mod. Not to say JKII isn’t worth the 50 bucks by itself, but how many
other games will let you play as PA characters, swinging cardboard
tubes, Jedi style? Swing by hereif you’re interested.

Being the Red Vs. Blue fanboy that I am, I dished up the cash last week
to buy an RvB T-shirt, and it is of the high quality and laugh factor
that I’ve come to expect from the crew at Rooster Teeth productions.
When your mother sees you wearing this shirt for the first time, and
comments, “You do know that shirt says cockbite, don’t you?”, then you
know you’ve got something special on your hands. If you have the means,
I highly recommend picking one up.

15 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Last night, I walked the vast desert of Tattoine. I entered a town,
vast, yet very simple. Many strange creatures surround me; wookies,
rodians, and even Zabrak’s. I walk through the city until I get to the
Cantina; the very same cantina that Greedo met his end. I walk in and
take a seat. A few moments later, Shadow and Richie walk in. They
approach my table, and my life is fulfilled; my best friends and I are
sitting at a table at the Mos Eisley cantina and having a conversation.
A lifelong dream is achieved.

Is Galaxies good? Hell yeah it is. I am living in the world that I grew
up wanting to live in. You are most likely asking yourself the same
question I was asking myself mere days ago.. Should I get it? Even
after all the good things I’d heard, I was still skeptical. I just
didn’t understand how this game could live up to everything. Then there
was the online fee. But, then I saw it sitting on the shelf, and I
begin to see it in a different light. This was not a mere game to
install and enjoy. This was a ticket to the Star Wars universe.

Let me ask you this way; would you pau $50 to sit at a table in the Mos
Eisley cantina and hang out with friends? Would you pay that $50 to go
out hunting wamp rats and the like? I sure as hell would. And that is
just on Tattoine, there are a wealth of planets for you to enjoy.

This is, hands down, the best MMORPG I have ever played. If you like
Star Wars, it’s really hard for me to imagine you not liking it. If you
like MMORPG’s and StarWars, you better be getting it this very moment.
And even if you don’t, this may be the game that gets you into them..

I love how the game revolves around everyone helping eachother. Its all
a nice circle that everytime you give, something is also given to you.
You get helped out, when you help. Everyone in the community that I
have met are really nice. I have yet to meet one lamer. Maybe its that
it helps you to help others, I dunno, but it is just awesome.

And then there is the fact that I could meet up with characters such as
Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker; just to name a few mind you.
You have a chance to live during the Galactic Civil War, and maybe even
make changes to how things went in the movies.

I have never felt more into the Star Wars universe than I do with this
game. No other game has gotten the experience better. Combine that with
the great skill system, and just general gameplay, and you’ve got a
solid title. Here goes all my sleep…

15 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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That chick dancer over there? Ya, that’s really a guy.
I’m extremely proud to announce that Break has purchased Galaxies, and
he is, to say the least, in awe. This feeling of awe was inspired by
the three of us sitting down in the Mos Eisley cantina, chatting away
about the vagaries of buying a house and a ship, and giving Break
pointers in-game. “Holy shit, guys, I’m in the fucking Mos Eisley
cantina!” Later on, we took a trip out of town to show Break the finer
points of combat, i.e. do this, not that, shoot this, not that, ect. He
picked up quickly, and is well on the way to being our group
rifleman/medic. We stuck around in the desert; killing the wildlife and
navigating around Mos Eisley till about 4 A.M., when we both agreed
that we’d better get our asses to bed and prepare for another day in
that distant someplace called the "real world". At least that’s what
I’m told it’s called. I always just thought of it as the place where I
worked my job, and, on occasion, communicated with people using my
vocal cords, instead of a keyboard. Which fucking genius thought that
one up?

The title above was inspired by a spin into the cantina to rid our
characters of battle fatigue after reducing the Worrt population. How
do you get rid of battle fatigue, you ask? Simple, watch a dancer. As
the night wore on, Break got slightly involved with a certain Twilek
dancer, to the point where they were exchanging kisses, hugs, and other
displays of affection. As this was going on, I said to Break, “You
know, that dancer is probably a guy.” He responds, “Ya, I know, it’s
still fun.” Which it was, of course, just something to pass the time in
the cantina. And I, by no means, meant to imply that Break was into
transvestites of any form what so ever. But it does illustrate one of
the uglier points of MMORPG’s, in that 90% of the chick’s you meet are
guys in real life, just going to the other sex in game to express their
feminine side, or whatever reason they may have. (Cough) …Q… (Cough)

All in all, Break was extremely impressed with just about everything,
save for the frame rate issues. I usually only have problems when
walking into a crowded building, or something of that equivalence. But
Break seems to suffer nearly all the time that he is in town, which is
unfortunate, since Mos Eisley is one of the better looking towns in the
Galaxy. We both agreed that he needed a new video card, which he was
going to do at some point anyway.

On a quick note, the latest installment of Red Vs. Blue (Episode 12) is
available, and, like Galaxies, is a revelation in and of it’s own. Use
any means at your disposal to obtain this episode.

14 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Game Show is up.
Yesterday’s show can be downloaded here.

13 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Game Show, live at 6 PM Central
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messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

12 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Half Right
I’m just saying that when Gabe doesn’t like a Star Wars game it is a rather odd event.

I didn’t say I wasn’t going to get it. I was just stating my reasons
for why I was waiting a bit. I’m starting to come around, though. I’ve
heard nothing but good things from Shadow, Richie, and the guyz at
NVGL. So, yeah, I’ll prolly be getting the thing. Or, as I said before,
"I’ll prolly get Galaxies when the Space Expansion comes out. But, any
sooner than that is going to have to take some work of God, or Richie
combined with Shadow telling me." Well, Shadow and Richie are both
telling me. Along with the guyz at NVGL. Looks like there is only one
thing left for me to do.

Did you actually believe I could hold out on Galaxies?

But, more importantly, did he really say that money was worthless? Because I may have to change my entire lifestyle.

12 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Break is sooo not on our ship
Ok, Break’s obsession with taking the PA word for everything is
understandable. He views them like he views Miyamoto. I truly beleive
Gabe could come tell Break that money was worthless and he would then
and there burn all he had. Galaxies is a gem, nah a shitload of credits
is what it is. And I dont want to hear you bitching when Ritchie and I
own our pimp ship and your gonna be all like, "Hey guys guys let me
on", and then I’ll kind of chuckle and say no. Then we will see who
thinks there too cool for school wont we??? WONT

12 Jul 2003 by ShadowmanX

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Well, it sounded like a good idea…
My brilliant plan for Break to buy Galaxies and return it to EB if he
disliked it didn’t hold up for long. It sounded nice, but I consulted
Break and Jack on the matter, and it turns out EB won’t take back
anything unless it’s defective. I’m sure everyone else in the free
world knew this, and I probably knew it at the time of the post
writing, I was just too wrapped up in attempting to persuade Break to
get into Galaxies. My sincere apologies to anyone who put my plan into
action and are now stuck with a $50 game (unless, of course, you like
Galaxies, in which case my plan partially worked ).

And for those of you who stand with BreakmanX on this issue, I kindly
ask that you at least make an effort to see it in action at a friend’s
house (or somewhere) for a reasonable amount of time before you pass
judgement. Then, at least, you won’t stand to lose anything, and you’ll
get an opinion from the Pro side of the issue, to balance out the Anti
argument, allowing you to make a decision based on your own experiences.

/Richie gets down off his soapbox

10 Jul 2003 by Richie

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No, I call it aggressive negotiations.
Well, its official, I now have Galaxies. And I’m just on the brink of
being consumed, as Break so rightfully fears. The only thing keeping me
out of that black hole is Warcraft III and Battlefield 1942, both of
which I hold dear to my heart. But, to Galaxies credit, it is a lot
better than I thought it would be, considering it was pushed back 8 or
so months.

Now after playing it for a couple days, I can honestly tell you all
that there is no other MMORPG like it. The player run economy, the
profession/title system, the ability to freely teach other players
skills, nothing compares. That said, it is most certainly not for
everyone, which brings me to Gabe. I, too, take Gabe’s word almost as a
holy decree, but in this case I must differ. I can see where he’s
coming from on a lot of angles. The womp rats, the walking (you run a
fucking marathon just to get to the bank). But there are so many good
things about the game that they overshadow the bad for me. It has some
repetitiveness, sure, what MMORPG doesn’t? For some people, this game
will be looked upon as joy in tangible form. For others, this will be
looked upon as cancer in a box.

Now well on my way towards being a smuggler, and with ShadowmanX as a
bounty hunter and Dr. Thud as a weaponsmith, we plan to buy a ship and
live the Cowboy Bebop dream in the Star Wars universe (two kick ass
worlds melded together, how much better does it get?). Dr. Thud,
brother of ShadowmanX, has started his own little business as a weapon
maker, called Melchoir Inc.. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me
which game he got that name from.

The only words I have for BreakmanX are to give it a try. The game
comes with a 30 day free subscription, so you don’t have to pay
anything out of pocket to begin with. Don’t like it? Cancel the
subscription and return the game. No monetary loss to you, just the gas
you burned going back and forth from EB (where I’d presume Break would
buy it). If you like it, great, come join us. If not, then you’ll have
more exact reasons on why you don’t like it.

Oh, and about Kadda Wan Cinn. Initially, yes, that name was taken, but
I worked it around so now its Kadda-Wan Cinn. The name being taken did
trouble me. I mean, Kadda-Wan Cinn is a pretty unique name. The chance
of two people creating the same name, spelled the exact same way, are
slim to none. So who is the name thief? A fan? An enemy (Brad, no not
the PA Brad)? No matter. Once I get my weapon skills up, I fully intend
on tracking down the other Kadda, sticking a DL-44 blaster in his face,
and asking him a few questions.

09 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Hey what’s up, this is BreakmanX.
Last Saturday’s show can be heard here. Lots of things costing money were discussed.

That wonderful man in his brown uniform brought me my GameSpot E3 DVD a
few days ago. If there was some sort of meter that rated spiffiness,
this would definitely be up there. I’d say in the red somewhere. Its
footage is pretty tasty, and really provides a good overall view of the
conference. The interview with the Rare guy who talks about Conker. It
rivals some full length movies that are dedicated to the purpose of
comedy. This guy should star in his own film or something. It’s comedic
gold. But, yeah, I think the DVD is worth the money I paid for it, and
if you have some interest in E3, you should hand over a few credits for

Shadow has been asking me; fuck that, telling me to buy Galaxies since
it came out. Well, fuck that too, since he knew that it might come out
some time in the future. I have a fear of Galaxies. I’m afraid that it
will suck my life away. And, I really don’t need something to do that.
Phantasy Star Online already did that on the Dreamcast, and I do now
want it to happen again. Besides that, I don’t want to pay the monthly
fee. And, I know I did it for GCN PSO.. but that was different. In what
way, I don’t know, but it was.

Also, Gabe doesn’t like Galaxies. When it comes to games, I tend to
hold Gabe’s word on games as gospel, as we have similar tastes. If I
like something, I usually see a positive word or two from him over at
the Arcade.
By the same token, if something sucks, I can expect to see the verbal
equivalent of the game burning at the stake. In addition, the equation
StarWars+Gabe is almost always equal to indescribable joy. As his opinion of Star Wars games are well documented. As Tycho pointed out in that comic
when Gabe loves a Star Wars game, it is neither out of the ordinary or
trustworthy. The fact that he doesn’t like a Star Wars game seems to be
like Jack telling something bad about Halo. If the phrase, "opposite
day", doesn’t immediately follow you know you’re in some deep shit.

All that said, Richie got his copy of Galaxies today. I’m going to wait
and see what he says; if for only one reason. Shadow liked Everquest.
I’ll prolly get Galaxies when the Space Expansion comes out. But, any
sooner than that is going to have to take some work of God, or Richie
combined with Shadow telling me.

Speaking of Richie getting Star Wars Galaxies… He first tried to sign
up with the name KaddaWannCinn, which if you are a stalker or some sort
of pirate, you would know is a name from my StarWars fan film. I made
this name up as I was writing the script. This is something that came
from my brain, into my fingers, then into a Word document. Then played
to absolute perfection on the silver screen by Richie. I don’t want any
money or anything, I just would like to know who took the name. Someone
who would read this no less. I just think it’s kind of cool that
someone could not think of a better name than one I created.

Monsieur Bur-Tan briefly described Clerks for you all. I recently
thought that it was possible that everyone in the world might not have
seen all of Kevin Smith’s movies. Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma,
and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are the ones he has completed with
Jersey Girl to come out shortly. They are all great movies, but I
suggest starting with Mallrats, if for no other reason than its extreme
geekyness. Mucho Referrelos to games and comics. All of them are
awesome, and should not go unwatched by any of you. The Clerks
Uncensored collection of Clerks cartoons is also great, and a definite
thing to get if you enjoy his other stuff. One last note, although
Chasing Amy is my favorite in the series, I think it is the worst one
to start off with. I don’t know why that is, it must be the force or
something. I watched them in the order they came out, if anyone cares.

If anyone has the means, I highly suggest you go to the Necrowombicon2k3. It looks to be the greatest event that will ever happen.

Oh yeah, Best Buy (or at least my Best Buy) is selling Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles (the movie) for 9.99. I picked it up tonight, and I am
happy. With the new cartoon and cross-platform games, I can only hope
they make a new movie. One that is more in spirit with the first two,
hopefully. Anyway, here’s to wishing.

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately (some I’ve had for awhile
and some new): deftones – around the fur, deftones – deftones, Brand
New – Deja Entendu, (hed)p.e. – blackout (and their last two albums,)
Metallica – Master of Puppets, Metallica – st. anger, Sepultura – Chaos
A.D., Sepultura – Under a Pale Gray Sky, incubus – fungus amongus,
incubus – enjoy incubus, incubus (ok, so all their albums), Tool -
Opiate, Tool – Undertow (Ok, all ther albums too, Third Eye Blind – Out
of the Vein, The Atari’s – So Long, Astoria (picked up purely for the
name, but the music is ok too,) Staind – (last three albums,) rage
against the machine – self titled, Orgy – Candyass, Primus – Frizzle
Fry (Sailing the Seas of Cheese and Antipop as well,) Nonpoint -
Statement, Tomahawk, 311 – live, 311 (all of their albums,) and The Fine Print.
Yeah, I dunno, I always liked it when people said what they were
listening to at the moment, as I might find something new to listen to.

"My love for you is like ticking clock, Berserker." -Russian Guy in Clerks.

09 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Is it safe?
Apparently there’s nothing going on in the video game world, because
I’m the only one posting, and I’m hella busy this week.

Just wanted to mention here that Clerks is fucking hilarious. And also,
Marathon 2 is still fun 7 years after its release…and it’s still damn
hard…even on normal. The opening picture in the game refutes my
belief that Halo is just Marathon 4, and Halo 2 is Marathon
5….perhaps not chronologically (maybe it is though, i still haven’t
figured out the whole chronology of the entire marathon series) but
definitely in spirit…sorry, I just love this/these games so much.

On another note, the Gamespot E3 DVDs are really cool…although
there’s no direct-feed Halo 2, or Half-life 2 videos…and there’s
nothing of Full Spectrum Warrior, and a really funny Rare rep that was
demoing Conker: Live and Uncut. Hopefully Break will get up off his ass
and post something sometime this week before the show, so we’ll
see….we’re off to shoot our next gamebreaker at NVGL tomorrow, so
there may not be any updates at all….we shall see. Take care….


09 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Here we go….I just found this out cruising around the
web….apparently Sega developed a "Madden-killer" feature in this
year’s ESPN NFL Football. It’s first-person football. Now I know that
they tried to do this in Madden 64, but it was basically just another
camera angle.

In ESPN football, it’s more. You see exactly what the player would see.
You have to look for holes in the line if you’re the running back, you
have to see over the defenders to look for open recievers if you’re the
QB, you have to see the ball enter your hands if you’re the reciever,
and if you’re the defensive back, you have to make sure that you break
through the Offensive line to make the QB eat turf.

There’s some really cool features added into the first-person mode that
make it really cool….and I just can’t list them all here, but one of
them is the addition of a bullet-time effect that lets you slow down
time so you can find the holes in the line, and find open
recievers…overall, a very cool concept, and something that Madden
definitely doesn’t offer. Also, I would like to add, that Madden
football sucks anyway.

But, let’s hope that sega uses this as a great marketing technique on
sunday night football, and let’s hope that it adds a really cool
dimension to the football genre, and not just a gimmick.


08 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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And now, for your viewing pleasure…
Due to the requests by one Evil Magic Pirate, I bring to you not one,
but two videos. Unfortunately, only one is of the humorous nature,
which EMP was looking forward to the most. Sorry EMP. But the other is
superb in quality and just as much fun as a funny video, so I encourage
all of you to take a look at both.

NBrigade: The Hero: A movie filmed in Battlefield 1942, detailing the
efforts of a Russian one-man-army in Berlin, kicking much ass along the
way. Scenery, story, action, all top notch. Swing by if you want more of the same.

The Asshole Video: Filmed in Halo, its best to think about this one as
a music video to Denis Leary’s ‘I’m an Asshole’ song. Some great ideas
on the director’s part, making this video funny as hell. Our forum
poster Realm brought this video to my attention first, so credit for
any laughter you experience during the viewing of this video should be
given to him, too.

Get “The Hero” here =

Get “Asshole” here =


And, even if Jack won’t admit it, he will be missed on this week’s show. Any news you send our way will be much appreciated.

EDIT: Please forgive the non-workingness of the links. This comes
mostly from my inability to use the news posting system right. So, if
you come back later and the links work, it means I got up off my ass
and learned how to use it.

04 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Back in Wichitizzle
First of all, the Royals aren’t that bad, and I bet that Break actually
has a great time at the game. I went yesterday (the 3rd) and I had a
blast. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a Major League Baseball
game (although the Royals vs. Tigers doesn’t QUITE count as major
league) it was still fun. Anyways, I won’t be on the show this week
because I’m home. However, I will be listening, so if anyone fucks up,
I’ll be sure to give them hell for it, and I’m sure that I’ll give
Break and the guys some news because they won’t have any ready for the
show just like last week. :)

Anyway, I think Break will have had fun at the Royals game, and I think
this week’s show will be pretty good (mainly because I’m not on this
one) so stay tuned on saturday night, it should be cool.

And oh yeah…I said "aural pleasure" not "oral pleasure"….ass.


04 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Aren’t there bears outside?
I am going to do something decidedly ungeeky today. My brother is
takeing/forcing me to go with him to the Kansas City Royals game. They
should have fireworks, so it won’t be a total loss. I also plan to
sneak my SP in my pocket, and play it during the boring parts. I used
to like baseball, but I dunno, I don’t have much interest anymore.
Especially since we are going to fucking cook in our seats. Anyone want
a fried BreakmanX? Didn’t think so.

I watched An Evening
With Kevin Smith last night, and I suggest you do the same on some
subsequent night. It is enjoyable in its entirety, even though it is
also quite lengthy. If you slightly enjoyed any of his movies {Clerks,
Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, or Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back} you
are in for a treat. It might even be an oral treat, as Jack likes to
say on the GameBreakers.

If great games were a destination, the summer months would surely be
that boring part in the road. E3 is kind of like the last cool stop;
its like the gas station with that one cool arcade game you’ve been
looking everywhere for. The one you always used to bug your parents to
play. Now that its gone, we just have to sit in the back seat and look
forward to the promised land before us. Its not like I don’t have a lot of great games to play.
It almost seems like looking forward to great stuff is half the fun of
being a gamer. I don’t think there is another demographic more used to
waiting than us. Except maybe movie buffs, and inmates.

heard a rumor that Mario128 would be delayed and set as a launch game
for Nintendo’s next system. Honestly, I would not mind one bit.
Nintendo needs to have a game of kick ass quality at launch. Luigi’s
Mansion was fun and all, but it was not a Mario64, or a Super Mario
World. Nintendo needs something like that. Is that why Nintendo decided
not to show it at E3? At any rate, Miyamoto seems pretty confident of
the title, and he hasn’t steered us wrong before.

I could just be dreaming here, but what I would love, would be a three
dimensional revisit of the earlier games. Not a remake, mind you. Just
a visit to the earlier style. I miss my mushrooms, my fire flowers, and
my tanooki suits. I want them back, dammit! They have never been used
in 3d before, and I think it could breathe some new life, while also
giving us nostalgic bastards something to lick our lips about. Could
you imagine the shinanigans that would follow something like this? I
mean, a nonrushed 3d Mario with all his old shit! I can’t imagine
anything better.

Starting in the Fall, there is going to be some awesome stuff released.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ninja Gaiden seem to be some of the
bigger ones. Final Fantasy XI, Halo2, Full Spectrum Warrior later on.
Not to mention Mario Kart Double Dash and Viewtiful Joe. I could go on
forever about what games I am looking forward to, and already did on June 7th, so I shall spare you this time.

04 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Frozen Beautiful Throne
Oh sweet happiness and unbeleivable storyline that is Frozen Throne. Oh
completely badass poster that came with it depicting the secondest
coolest character in the game whos name happens to be Arthas the
Betrayer. Ok so my fav character from the last one would have to be
Illidan of course, i mean the guy owned. So who of course is in the
opening FMV, the big bad mama jama himself. It owned sooooo badly, and
so does he. But then I got into a fairly heated discussion with Dr.Thud
(My brother Alex). He made the comment that Illidan was evil. I was in
utter anger, Illidan isnt evil i said, hes just misunderstood….like
Sephiroth. He then looked at me like i had just stated the world was
flat. He said, are you fucking retarded, he wanted to blow up the
earth, and this is true but he just wanted people to understand him. Is
that so wrong???? I dont think so, but anyways Frozen Throne owns, the
story is shaping to be as good as the last.

03 Jul 2003 by ShadowmanX

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I think someone owes me the last few minutes of my life back.
I have two things to bring to you today. One is based on my humble
opinion, the other is based on recorded fact. I’ll do the factoid last,
in the hope that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll come away
with the feeling that you learned something, and didn’t waste the last
few minutes of your life.

Now that I’ve got some time on my hands, I’ve taken up the New Jedi
Order series again, and I’m happy to report that it just keeps getting
better and better. In the 4 days I’ve been home, I’ve covered ¾ of the
newest book, Force Heretic II: Refugee, reading it whenever I’m not
working, playing UT, or doing posts.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a
quick intro. Enter the Star Wars universe. Everything is A-OK till some
extragalactic invaders show up, going by the name of the Yuuzhan Vong.
And, let me make this point clear: these guys are not the
garden-variety troublemakers we’re used to in the Star Wars universe.
Ysanne Isard, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Daala, these guys look like
ladybugs compared to the Vong. And, to make a long intro shorter, some
shit gets fucked up. This ain’t the good old SW universe that we’re
used to, where no matter what crisis turns up, the good guys win, evil
is defeated, and everyone returns home alive and well. If you’re sick
and tired of the good guys always winning, and want to see the bad guys
(some extremely badass bad guys, I might add) kick some ass, or are
just looking for some new SW books to read, look no further. The series
is long, too. 18 books, so far, with another 6 or 7 on the way. Ya, its
a lot of books, but I hope this dosen’t scare you away. They’re all
extremely well written, and well worth the time and effort you’d put
out to read them all. Well enough that, if you take a break and skip a
few books, you won’t be completely lost.

The previously promised factoid centers around the so-called “superman”
effect/error found in the latest patch for Battlefield 1942, version
1.4. This cheat was found during the filming of a stunt movie, which
can be found here =
The video explains all, but in short, the cheat allows players to
literally fly long distances simply by jumping off tall buildings.
Kinda funny, right? Not when you see players flying over rivers and
stealing tanks right out from under your nose. This isn’t the first
time EA fucked up with patches, either. The 1.2 patch allowed players
to “wallhack”, enabling them to throw grenades thru walls at other
players. OK, you say, just release another patch to fix the superman
problem. But with the impending release of Secret Weapons, I find it
hard to picture EA releasing another patch until Weapons comes out.

Part of me wants to thank EA for putting out the effort to fix possibly
my favorite game of all time. The other wants to slap them for
continually giving the community half-fixes and buggy patches. Oh, the
woe of being a Battlefield player.

NEWS FLASH: ShadowmanX has just returned home with a copy of the much
awaited Frozen Throne. More indepth information to follow.

03 Jul 2003 by Richie

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On a side note really quick:

Mighty Bean is the man. No "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it. He is the man.

Thanks again, Mighty Bean.


02 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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*sniff* Oh how I missed you….
I finally broke down and did what I swore I wouldn’t do for the longest
time today….I bought an old SNES. You see, I never sold it, because I
loved all of my games that I had for it. But, unfortunately, I let my
little sister borrow it when she went to college, and I never saw it

But, now i have it back, now with Castlevania IV and Pac-Man 2 as well.
I missed this thing so much…How great games were back in the
day….now I just need to stave off this feeling that I need to buy
another NES….must….resist……


02 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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Let me tell you the tale of One Eyed Jack.
game must be pretty damn good, because Jack has been acting all
piratey. He’s been saying D’Yar, Aye, and all sorts of crazy talk. I
went over today and he was sinking a pirate ship. We were slightly
dissapointed that while the pirates were indeed evil, they did not have
any magical properties.

Jack really got into the battle,
and I think he found his inner pirate. The game looked pretty cool, but
the framerate was starting to make me sea sick. The PC version
shouldn’t have this problem, though. If you like pirate stuff, you’d
prolly love this game.

02 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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D’yar…this chair be high, says I.
Yeah, so I decided to check out Pirates of the Caribbean (Sea Dogs 2,
for those of you Bethesda fans) and I have to say that it is pretty
cool. While I’m probably not going to buy it mainly because I can’t
really figure out the controls for the sea-faring, but the ground
combat is pretty cool, and the sheer depth of the game (at least in the
2 hours that I put into it) seems amazing. The trading in the game
seems really cool, you can smuggle goods, and you can even decide to go
pirate if you really want to. But the story thus far seems pretty cool,
and I just wish that I could get the sailing and ship battle controls
figured out because this seems like an awesome game, and I’m just
ashamed that I won’t be picking this up because I can’t figure out the
controls…kudos to Bethesda on this one…I just wish it wasn’t so
hard to control…..I did get it for xbox, so I’m guessing that these
control issues will probably be fixed in the pc version of the
game…check it out, unlike ETM and Hulk, this movie game seems to be
quite good.


02 Jul 2003 by Jack Burton

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yeah Frozen Throne came in today so ill be gettin it tommorrow. Peace
01 Jul 2003 by ShadowmanX

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h01y 5h17
Ruroni? X-Box? Who or what in God’s green earth brought these two
mortal enemies together? But, to your credit, Break, I would not have
wholly believed you had you not provided proof of the event. The
rapture and make out pictures did, however, bring extremely disturbing
images to my mind, which I did not care to dwell upon. I quickly
removed the images with a Jedi meditation technique, and they have not
resurfaced since. I’m just hoping the ideas for these pictures came
from Q, and not Break. It would not make sense, otherwise.

Speaking of Jedi, are there any Galaxies players out there? Any that
can take a minute out of their lives to tell me if it’s worth buying?
I’ve been throwing the idea around in my head ever since it came out,
and I’ve come to a standstill. On the one hand, this is Galaxies, God’s
gift to Star Wars fanboys everywhere. On the other hand, I’ve got more
than enough games right here to keep be busy. Battlefield 1942 (and
mods), Rallisport Challenge, and Zelda, for starters. The question
causing the standstill is this, “Do I really need another game?” This
is where you tell me that a gamer can never have too many games, but I
always feel guilty whenever I buy software/hardware that I never use,
or only infrequently. I feel bad enough with my Cube, which was
gathering dust in a corner for a good month before I knocked the moths
out and got it going again less than a week ago.

Any thoughts, comments, or ideas on the Galaxies problem can be sent my
way via the usual methods, and will be happily directed to the “read,
consider, and graciously thank the sender” box. Any hate mail or words
of anger concerning the neglect of my Cube will be directed to the
“incinerate and piss on the ashes” box. Thanks.

01 Jul 2003 by Richie

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Last Saturday’s show is up
Last Saturday’s show can be downloaded here.This show is concise enough that it can actually fit on a CD. Truly a wonder of modern man.

Last Sunday, something wonderful happened. My friend Shane, dreamcubeboy on the forums, and I have had a band for awhile. But, for the past year, my drums
have not been with me. We didn’t know how the neighbors would react and
such, and I didn’t have a desire to get kicked out. So, they didn’t
travel with me on the road to college. I’ve been missing them like Link
misses the triforce from time to time. And, like Link, I decided to get
them back. Shane offered to bring them to me, and I happily accepted. I
must admit, though, I was worried. Would I be like a Tuskan Raider,
waving my sticks around madly and making sounds that can only be
described as retarded? Or, could I still play?

When Shane
arrived, we took them upstairs, and set them up. I just kind of looked
at them for awhile, and sat down and tried to play. It was like seeing
an old friend you haven’t seen for awhile. You know you have a lot of
shit in common, but its just weird at first. After, awhile, though, my
drums and I were hanging out just like old times. I could still play.
Oddly enough, my feet, most notable on double bass, have actually
gotten better in my year absence. Yeah, I can’t explain it either. Its good to be back.

Yesterday, something wonderful happened. Rurouni Trelane, who you may
know from the forums as saying things like, "XBOX SUCKS GENITALIA!!!!" Source:
decided to play Halo with Jack and I yesterday. Yeah, this may be hard
to believe. But, that’s why I am providing pictures of the event. Pictures are here.
I knew I’d have to provide proof for such an event, as something of
this magnatude is expected to be followed by the apocalypse. Or, at
least Macy Gray singing a song or two.

I watched Old
School, recently, and I must say that it was pretty damn funny. Will
Ferrell is perfect in all shots he was in, and the entire movie is done
pretty well. If you enjoy laughter, you will prolly like this movie.

01 Jul 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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If you build it…they will come….
So, many of you have probably heard of NVGL
from watching the gamebreakers, or just from listening to the radio
show. If you haven’t, it’s the single-coolest gaming center in the
entire world. Actually, now that I think about it, that statement is
only "half" true. Plans have officially been set in motion to have an
NVGL in Lawrence, KS soon. Very soon. Keep watching here for more news
on the coming glory that is NVGL.


29 Jun 2003 by Jack Burton

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And the Soul still burns
The newest GameBreaker, featuring Soul Calibur 2 is up. Sorry we missed
last week. We should now be returning to our weekly schedule.

Shinanigans. Download the newest episode here.

29 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I Almost Forgot What Hot Water Felt Like….
The words above, spoken by our very own Realm, describe my feelings at
this point in time with perfect accuracy. Think I’m fucked up? Lets see
you spend 6 days in a Kansan mudhole with only cold showers and a lake
to wash in and remember how warm liquid feels on your skin.

My recent absence from the show and forums can be explained in two
parts: England and Camping. And before you ask: yes, they do have hot
water in England. My trip to England took me from the 10th to the 20th,
bringing me back in time for the June 21st show, and giving me enough
time to down some decent pop (the cola over there is gut wrenching and
not a single drop of Mountain Dew exists in the entire Goddammed
country) and get ready for my next trip. I left again on the 22nd,
where I began my 6-day isolation from hot water and everything else I
valued in normal society.

This brought me to the 28th, where I found was thankfully
still running, with no serious mishaps to speak of (i.e. server
problems, buyouts, lawsuits, ect.).

Getting back to society also allowed me to check the latest Red vs.
Blue movies, which I missed almost as much as hot water, and were just
as refreshing. Anybody who has ever even heard of Halo and has a sense
of humor owes it to themselves to check these movies out. I only laugh
out loud once in a blue fucking moon, and anyone who knows me in person
can testify to that. These videos get laughs out of me on a regular
basis. And while you’re at it, you can also download the Warthog Jump
Video, found here = I
swear, some people spend as much time figuring out how to do crazy shit
in games as they do actually playing them. The maker was also featured
in Episode 10 of RvB, and a complete explanation can be found at Anyway, its hilarious and well worth your time and disk
space. Enjoy.

29 Jun 2003 by Richie

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The Game Show
Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

And, welcome back Richie!

28 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I now pronounce you man and wife.
Congratulations, I await the arrival of your first child with great joy.

28 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Test and Galaxies
This is my test style so ya hi. Im guessing you all wanna here about
that little game Galaxies huh. well my feelings can only be expressed
in song……Baby your all that I want, when your lying here in my
arms. Im finding it hard to beleive were in Heaven.

28 Jun 2003 by ShadowmanX

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The Game Show, today
Be sure to catch us today at 6:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click
to start the broadcast. To write in questions, IM me: AIM: (NEW NAME)
kuBreakmanX, Yahoo: BreakmanX, MSN:, and ICQ:
14009569. Voice call ins can be done through Yahoo messenger, simply
messege me through Yahoo for instructions. Its easy =)

And, welcome back Richie!

28 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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(Taps the mic) Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3….
Just a little test of the news posting system now that I’ve returned to the world of the living.

28 Jun 2003 by Richie

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News Flash
Hey guys, I saw this posted in the forums by Mighty Bean, and I thought
it was funny enough to be posted on the main page. I nearly fell over
laughing so hard as I read this…the CS references are just great, and
it’s just done really well. Thanks again to Mighty Bean for posting
this originally in the forums here. You can check this hilarious
article out here.


27 Jun 2003 by Jack Burton

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Interview with Roddy Toomim, Music and Concepts Director for Feet of Fury
Guest contributer Rurouni Trelane had a chance to chat with Roddy Toomim of Feet of Fury. You can see it all here.
26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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The Galaxy Strikes Back, and stuff
I just talked to Shadow via the magic of the cellular phone. I thought
some sort of Bounty Hunter had siezed him, or something, since we
hadn’t heard about Galaxies yet. Quite the contrary, in fact, no
seizing took place at all. At least not by a bounty hunter. Apparently,
he did pick up galaxies, but he has been to hell trying to get to play
it. Dr. appts, forced watching of siblings, and women have drug him
away from it. Starting tonight, he’s giving his life to it. I wouldn’t
be surprised if there was a wedding ceremony, or something. Anyway, he
should bring you all up to speed tonight. That is, if Galaxies lets him
type it out.

I’m a rocker, I rock out.

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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I wonder if it has anything to do with SEGA being all in the hole and
stuff. Maybe they can’t afford the advertising. But, you’re right, it
is the only way to dethrone EA. I’d like to see some comparison adds,
showcasing exactly why you should buy one of SEGA’s games over EA’s.
Maybe even have some spots with atheletes, or ESPN guys talking about
how much they love their ESPN football games. They’ve got the product,
they just need to get it into people that they need to buy it. EA’s a
big brand, but I think that ESPN’s name is even bigger. Possibly the
only one big enough to topple EA. *chants* SEGA, SEGA, SEGA

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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EA is killing Sega
Ok…so…i’m a huge Sega Sports (now ESPN Sports) fan, and I really
don’t like the EA sports line. However, since Sega sports and ESPN had
apparently reached a deal between eachother, you’d think that ESPN
would have a problem with showing EA commercials or even have things
going on from their next NBA Live game at the NBA draft. I guess not.
Sega needs to get their act in gear because EA is simply going to
market them out of the building. Changing their name to the ESPN brand
name is a good move, but if Sega wants to dethrone EA in the sports
videogame world, they’re going to have to reach out and touch the
mainstream gamer who thinks that Madden is the only football game out
there. Sega also needs to make sure that ESPN stops airing EA
commercials/ploys and start pumping their stuff even more on ESPN. Why
sega isn’t doing this, I don’t know. But it is really distressing to
me, mainly because EA doesn’t innovate, they catch-up.

In closing:

E.A. Sports: It’s all the same.


26 Jun 2003 by Jack Burton

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A Galaxy of Hurt
With the new posting system and all, it seems only proper that I write to you guys in a more news posty way. Penny Arcadepretty much invented the news post, so it may seem similar to theirs, but I hope we can enjoy our time together as well.

I’m trying to get on a normal sleep schedule, or at least as normal as
it is possible. One of the reasons being that I don’t like sitting at
my computer seeing msgs like:
[15:46] D to the rizou: yo
[15:46] D to the rizou: its 3 what in the fuck (Real msgs from my log. D to the rizou=Shadow)
You have no idea how early 3 in the what the fuck seems when you go to
sleep somewhere between 5:30 and 7:00 AM. I guess, as gamers, we all
have rather interesting sleep patterns, and that is all well and good.
I mean, going to bed at 2 or 3; no problem in that. You can still get
up fairly well. When its four or later, though, is when it starts to
suck. My problem is that there is always something I want to do, and I
always want to do it at night. For some reason, I just think better at
night. Like this news posting method and idea all came to me after
three a.m. I guess it’s some sort of curse, but beyond that there is
something else that I enjoy from time to time. For some reason, gaming
is a lot more fun at night/early in the morning. There is nothing quite
like the, "wort, wort, wort," of the Covanant when all is dark around
you. Especially now that I have my new optical cable, but that is a
different story, entirely. I almost hope my neighbors hear it, which is
most likely not for the best.

So, when I go into EB I look at the plethora of games I want to buy,
but can’t possibly afford. Something else has been grabbing my fancy
for a while too. Monster Cables. I’ve had my Audigy platinum card ever
since dreamcubeboy and I recorded our album
last August. It has always had optical ports, and I always knew it.
They were like caverns of glorious surround sound, just waiting to be
gorged with glorious optical data. At that time, my consoles were not
anywhere near my computer, so barring any kind of insane sound setup
relying on large amounts of cable, and an even larger imagination, I
was technically, and aurally fucked. This year, however, my consoles
have been in prime optical position, but my speakers haven’t, for the
entire time. So, I kinda gawked at the cables, and bought them for my
Xbox and my Ps2. Apparently, optical is against Nintendo’s religion.
So, I came home, and rearranged the speakers to get them into digital
surround sound glory. Plugged in the glorious tunnel of light, set up
all the required settings to use the optical outs, and I was all set.
Besides being able to say that my sound travels along a virtual Rainbow Road,
it also sounds fucking unbelieveable. It is like playing my games all
over again. Besides having everything surround me, the optical also
makes the audio sound so crystal clear. I did it because I thought it
would sound a bit better, but it is oh so much better than I could have
imagined. If you have the means, I highly recommend you do it.
Preferably now. Did I mention that it makes DVD’s sound purty?

I played some Wario World yesterday, and came away with mixed feelings.
It played pretty well, but I need to give it more time. I’ve heard the
Game and Watch games give it a run for its money in the length

There is a game coming out today, but I can’t quite remember what
is. I suppose I’ll wait till Shadow writes his thoughts on the matter
all crazy eyed, and.. red nosed.. In a more serious note, I really hope
Galaxies is all that and a bag of chips, if only for Shadow’s sake.

I’m going to go back to playing a game that I don’t have.. Umm, all I
can say is Circle Helix has done a great job with it, and it is better
than I had thought.

Use the tool, KAPOW, what are you now? You’re the human magic marker, won’t you please surprise my eyes?

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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What’s Up
Hey guys, this is Jack Burton here. I’m just thrilled to be able to
start posting news here on and I’m sure that Break and
the rest of the team are just as excited as I am. So…for my first
post….I would like to report…

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist
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New Desktop ScreenShot
I completely uncluttered my desktop, so I figured it was only fitting
for me to update my screen shot. Click the link on the left, or the
lazy can click here.

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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New News System
I just finished setting up this new PHP based news posting system. Not
only does it make it easier for us to post news, but it also makes it
extremely easy for you guys to post comments. Tell me what you think!

If you have any problems with this, please post a comment below.

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist

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Old News
All the News before the new system

26 Jun 2003 by Editor-in-Chief Matthew ‘BreakmanX’ Nyquist
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