Looking Forward

First things first, be here at five central. Something will happen.

This week is going to be a crazy fucking week as we talked about on the
show. We mentioned many exciting things coming out this week, and you
are fully aware of most of them. One thing we did talk about was 
Bill Hick's new DVD. Go there and read about it. Bill Hicks is the man,
and he will bring you much joy.

Now besides that bundle of happyness we also see the DS, Metroid Prime
II, Snake Eater, and other things arriving at our door. This is
absolute insanity. The gaming gods have their forks in the fireplace
and are planning to stab my wallet with their creativity. And this only
a week after getting what may very well be one of the games of the
year; Halo 2. Please spread out the fucking games. As gamers we can't
afford it both in terms of time and money.

In terms of this site we've got good things planned for you. More and
varied content is the name of the game. Version 4.0 of the site is in
production, and will again make it easy for us to bring you content on
the fly. With the new video production software that you witnessed with
the  Halo Madness video we will be able to deliver video content
faster. So many improvements towards what will be a better site. I
would like to thank you all for sticking with us as we've hit our road
blocks (mainly the hacking) and I really think all will be worth the
wait. All that matters is the ending.