The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today at 7:00 Central Standard Time on the The Game Show. Click to start the broadcast. To write in questions, go to the IRC chat.
Its easy =)

Also.. you may notice that the front page is different. Last week I sat
down at my G5 and completely redesigned the whole site. We are still
recovering from the hacking, but this is a major step towards total
normacy. Content is being put up as we speak.. so expect parts of the
site to look a bit bare for a while. Notice that the comment system is
in this iteration, just as promised. The SMTP server does have trouble
with a few of the more common email domains.. Hotmail and Yahoo to name
a couple. You will still get registered.. it will just take longer.
Once you register and login it will be much simpler for you to post
comments on anything on the site. News posts, Reviews, whatever!

Since the other site that was being used as a placeholder was primarily
just used for the front page posts, I decided to go ahead and put this
here for your viewing pleasure.  All the other content is being
scurried up to the server as fast as Richie, Jack, Afro and I can
muster.  If you have any comments on anything relating to this..
please utilize our new comment system!  It will thank you for it.