Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Even though part of me believes Thanksgiving is a holiday, like Valentines Day, that was created by retailers as an excuse to sell shit and have early morning sales.

Metroid Prime 2 was somewhat of a letdown.  The game starts out…

exactly like the first one did:  You arrive on planet, you lose all your suits cool gadgets, and you have nothing left to do but explore.  Outside of that, everything else is great.  It has the same method of storytelling I came to love from the first, and the action is just as fun.  Except the controls, they irritated me starting out.  I constantly had the urge to strafe while looking around, mouse and keyboard style, but got over that quickly.

While I'm here, I thought I'd bring a bit of news to your attention.  Go here.  Cliffnotes:  Some moms and church officials demand M-rated games should be placed in their own special corner of the store, protected by ESRB rating signs, in hopes of keeping the games out of kids hands.  They also released their "10 most violent video games" list.  I don't know about you, but they automatically lost all credibility when they misspelled Mortal Kombat.  They also named games that haven't even come out yet.

Kinda scary that people this stupid hold influence and power.