My First Raid

So today, I'm going to be taking part in my first raid on Horde
territory in World of Warcraft, and I'm really excited.  While I'm
not 100% certain what all this entails, I do know that it means we're
going to be going into Horde-controlled contested realms of Azeroth and
put the smack down on pretty much anything that gets in our way in
order to take a border town.  (If any of the other guys playing
the game know that this is wrong, feel free to correct me)  I'm
still having such a fun time.  I've already hit level 16, so I can
actually hold my own against some foes, and I'm beginning to learn some
very fun abilities that make sure you don't want to screw with my Rogue.

Abilities like Garrote, Eviscerate, and Pickpocket not only sound
cool, but they also do a ton of damage.  The little things that my
Rogue can do are extremely fun too, since I can go stealth, sneak up
behind a Defias Looter, steal all of his money, and then start doing
special attacks that build up combo points, so that I can use finishing
moves on him that will take him out before he even knows what

My Rogue is extremely cool, and he keeps
looking better and better as I go.  I started out with a bunch of
tattered rags, but now my guy has proper leather armor, he's
duel-wielding a sword and a really nice dagger, and I have a very
snazzy cloak…all I need now is the tabard for my guild, but I don't
have the money right now, so that's going to have to wait for a little
while.  Now, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm loving
World of Warcraft, in fact, I'm loving it much moreso than FFXI. 
If you have been waiting to get into the world of MMORPGs, or you're a
huge fan of Warcraft, or both; get this game.  It's incredible.