Something Crazy Happened Last Night

As a preface to this post note that I love you double because I've had
to write this post twice.  I 'posted' it this morning, but it must
have logged me out or some such bullshit because a post was not
to be found.  Only a nice block of text explaining how sick I was
yesterday, and that there was no show.  I'm still sick as fuck,
but I have one more thing for you, I have a kind of cool story to
tell.  You know you want to read more.

To say that I've been coughing and sneezing a lot would be a dramatic
understatement.  To say that I've sneezed and coughed on a
competitive level with my breathing would be a little more
accurate.  I was contemplating doing the show yesterday until I
truly started thinking about this ratio, and how bad it would turn out
for listeners.  I couldn't even play my DS yesterday because I
didn't want to get snot all over it.  At that point I laid down in
my bed, and fucking said no show.  Which is something I don't do

Luckily SheBreak made me some wonderful supper contrived of chicken,
vegetables, and a wonderful cheese sauce.  Definately the best
part of my day.  After which, we decided to watch Napoleon
Dynamite, which if you haven't seen I highly suggest it.. but anyway
they show shakes a lot in the movie.  I wanted one because my
throat felt like someone had been playing Tekken in there all
night.  Like real life Tekken, where the people actually.. never
mind.  SheBreak wanted one because the call of dairy sweets is one
that is tough to overcome.  At any rate, we got in the Breakmobile
and headed towards the Steak and Shake at 11:45 PM.

This is where the cool thing happens.  As I back out I notice a
car going by my place, so I wait for it to go by, and then back
out.  What was a car, turns out to be a limo, and it peaks our
curiosity slightly.  Who, with a limo, would be driving in
Lawrence at 11:45?  My first guess was one of the KU players that
went to the NBA.  Then I started thinking about how Danny Carey
(my favorite musician/drummer for my favorite band TOOL) is from a town
very close to Lawrence, and is a huge Jayhawks fan.  Well, we did
have a game yesterday.. but nah… it's not him.  SheBreak and I
kind of entertained this idea, until I remembered reading that all the
Tool fellas were all together finishing up writing of the new
album.  This made it less likely he'd be in Lawrence chillin with
the Jayhawks.. unless of course the whole band was there…

Anyway, I step on the gas, and get closer to them thanks to a red
light.  I look at the license plate and to my disbelief it says,
"CAREY-2" which would make sense because Carey 1 would be at his
primary home in L.A.  The red light enables us to just sit side by
side.  Danny Carey, and possibly all of TOOL, are sitting right
next to me at a stop light.  SheBreak, who also loves TOOL, got a
huge smile on her face, and I imagined mine to look something like a
snowman.  Or maybe a kid at a candy store.  It was just a
cool feeling that my favorite band, or at least their drummer, drove
right by my house.  Seems to be a bit of a rarity.  I did get
to meet him once before, but the idea of him driving by my house threw me a bit aback.  Even
after chilling with him that one time, the people you look up to that
happen to be famous seem so far away.  Kind of a reality
check.  Like at E3 when all of our favorite companies were in the
same room with us.  Crazyness.

Anyway, we got our shake, and headed home.  It's amazing how fate
does things like that.  If I wouldn't have waited for SheBreak to
fix her hair, then I never would have seem that.  Anyway, I
thought it was fairly cool. 

In other news, it's finals time.  So I must go back to boring things.  Later all.