That’s great, EA. Just great.

So instead of trying to create a better product than your competition (ESPN), you simply buy all NFL rights.  This is seriously one of the shittiest things I've ever heard.  Whatever motivation EA had to better your games just disappeared.  Football fans, welcome a five-year of license rape and consumer whoring.  Thank God I don't give a fuck about sports games. 

To say Jack was pissed would be a gross understatement.  Were it not for WoW to distract him, I'm sure our furniture would have been destroyed in a fit of blind rage.

I knew from the beginning that Half-Life 2 would be great, not only because of the single player and CounterStrike, but also because of the potentially epic mods that could be spawned from it…

…and now I've found one of the first good ones.  It's called Antlion Troopers, and anyone who's seen Starship Troopers can probably tell where this is going.  For those that haven't, Starship Troopers was a part sci-fi, part parody action flick that centered around humans battling it out with two-meter tall arachnids.  Well, the Antlions don't exactly match the arachnids of Starship Troopers for size, but their behavior and use of strength in numbers are identical.  Hence, the mod recreates one of the epic battle scenes from the movie, and damn does it rock.  Even if you haven't seen the movie, you still owe it to yourself to play this.  It's easily one of the most intense gaming experiences I've ever had.  Antlions fly in from every direction, friendlies spew bullets in every direction, it's incredible.  The only way it could get better is if the were to make an entire single player experience out of it.  Wait, they are?  Awesome!