It’s Richie again.

Checking in with a couple news bits I thought worthy of your attention.

First, Nintendo's announcement of a multimedia adapter for the GBA and DS.  The adapter, shaped like a GBA game cart, uses SD memory cards to store video and MP3's, which can be played back over the DS.  Clearly, this is a move by Nintendo to make the DS more competitative with the PSP, and I can't see how they could have pulled it off better, other than having those features standard.  If any DS owners are saying "Awesome!" right now, cool your jets; there's a catch.  It's only available online, not for another two months, and not in America.

Second was SpikeTV's Video Game Awards.  As a rule, I generally disregard any televised game awards, since they're almost certainly influenced by corporations and the mass of moronic gamers.  This year's awards were a mixed bag, as far as I'm concerned…

San Andreas fans, I'm sorry, but your beloved PS2 title is not the game of the year.  Nor was it the best action game, not next to Ninja Gaiden and MGS3.  I'm sure afew of you will scream "WTF?" when you hear that they gave best sports game to Madden NFL 2K5 over ESPN.  And while I'll agree that Chronicles of Riddick was the best game based on a movie, I seriously question their choice of Call of Duty: Finest Hour over Rome: Total War and Full Spectrum Warrior for best military game.  Maybe I just don't think a console port of a older PC game should be able to stand with newer, original titles.

Anyway, I'm sure you know which GotY awards show matters most:  Ours. ;-)