So Castlevania is probably my most favorite videogame series
ever.  Yes, even more favorite than Halo.  Castlevania has
the great gameplay, great music, great atmosphere.  Stuff that
makes me just want to keep coming back for more each time, kinda like a
half-starved orphan. 

Well, I know I've talked about it
before, but I somehow managed to get a copy of the
never-before-released-in-the-US Dracula X: Rondo of Blood.  If you
haven't heard of it, or played it, I suggest you do your damnedest to
get a hold of it.  It is probably the best old-school style
Castlevania game.  It's got branching paths, multiple endings, a
hidden playable character, and lots of really cool bosses, super-tough
levels, and probably the best soundtrack out of all of the Castlevania
series.  Yes, even better than SOTN.

But at any rate, the emulator that I've been using to play Dracula X
has finally recieved the final update to it, so it's finally perfectly
playable without an actual Japanese PC Engine CD system.  I think
I might just have found one of those games that will live on forever in
the annals of gaming history…if only more people in the US actually
knew that the game existed. 

To celebrate my rediscovery
of this game, and the perfect emulator's release, I decided to make
December 28th Castlevania Day at the Burton abode.  So what all
did I play?  Castlevania, Castlevania Chronicles, Dracula X,
Symphony of the Night, Super Castlevania IV, and all three of the GBA
Castlevanias.  Ah, never was a more glorious day of gaming than
this one.  I have to confess that these games are probably my
favorite ever, and if Konami ever commits to making a GOOD 3D
castlevania or another fantastic 2D one on a home console, they might
just be able to bring me to my knees once and for all for their
wonderful franchise.

Oh well…must be going…morning is coming.   What a horrible night to have a curse…