I would like to take this brief moment to express how proud I am of my
Jayhawks.  Their best player is injured, their 2nd best player
gets injured during the game along with another starter, and they still
manage to go to Kentucky's home court (named after Ku player, later
graduate, and then Kentucky coach Rupp) and beat them.  Very close
game, and that they could stick it out without their best player, and
play such good defense to decimate the other team's shooting
percentage…  Wow, go fucking Jayhawks, you guys rule.  And
to the few of you that are on the team and check the site, you deserve
a big hug.

Besides that…

I'm going to be getting into some World of Warcraft soon, which should
destroy my free time almost completely.  After getting tired of
Galaxies and not liking FFXI I am excited to play a game that has been
praised so highly by all the gaming prophets.  It looks like a
game has finally gotten the MMORPG formula right, and I am looking
forward to witnessing it first hand.

Also, and if you've read to this paragraph you are most likely a fairly
big BMX.com fan.  And your treat for staying with us will soon be
repaid many fold.  We are getting ready to, FINALLY, start our
video productions.  We've been waiting on legality, equipment, and
all sorts of other craziness.  But, it all looks like it will work
out.  I'm really excited to begin working on this stuff, and I
think you will enjoy it.

I also saw White Noise recently, which was a pretty big
disappointment.  Not really that scary, and not really that
good.  I had fun going to see it, but the movie itself just wasn't
what I thought it would be.  EVP is a really interesting
phenomenon; even more interesting that Thomas Edison studied it. 
I just think that the movie could've had a better climax.  I
enjoyed it until sometime around the ending, and I guess that ruined it
for me.  It seems I have that problem a lot with movies.  I
just don't think that they always tie things up very well, or maybe tie
things up a little too tightly.  Test audiences and such seem to
give executives the opportunity to dumb down movies.  Maybe this
didn't happen here, but it seems like it happens a lot.  Anyway,
it was ok.  Just got a bit disappointed in the ending.