I can’t feel my nipples.

I don't know if any of you have ever experienced cold before, but today is quite possibly the coldest day ever. First off, I don't like negatives. Negative temperatures I like even less. Also, I hate single digits (unless counting sequals or such). So when I wake up, and it's negative 14° Celcius, I'm a little perturbed. And when the thermometer switches to Farenheit, and it's 4 degrees, I flip out. Four degrees? For the love of GOD the sun is there for a reason, am I wrong? I stand by the fact I just made up that it has never been colder.


But I do know that Jack has spent most of my free time playing Resident Evil 4 at my place. And I'm not going to lie, it's purty. Get this, and I know this will come as a shock to ANYONE who knows me, I stopped playing World of Warcraft for a whole night just to watch him play RE4. As you are all there gawking at your monitors that I, the Afrolicious, stopped WoW for a night, know this: RE4 is enthralling. Watching it is like watching a movie version of Choose Your Own Adventure, just so long as Jack listens to me.

Don't ever shoot anyone in the head…at least after chapter 1.

In other news…Katamari Damacy has some new screen shots…and it looks more crazy. Yes, crazier than the original, where you rolled up little things into a giant ball, which proceeds to make the ball bigger so you can roll up bigger things. The new one is called, loosely translated, Everyone's Loved Katamari Damacy. Guess what bitches? I translated that myself. What you got?

Anyway, keep your eyes out for that, cause it's gonna be the hawtness.

I can't feel my hands anymore, and I'm gonna need them tonight to play WoW.

See ya online…