Feel free to die in a fire, EA.

The recent news that EA bought the licensing rights to ESPN didn't reach us before Game Show time; otherwise you'd have heard an earful from us on the issue.  I think it's now more than fair to say that EA is up there with Microsoft in terms of downright shitty business practices.  For a brief moment, I considered the idea that EA might actually try to improve their games using these new rights.  Then I read a quote from EA's chief exec. Larry Probst, "We don't anticipating changing anything significantly from what we are currently doing."  Yeah, improve their games.  Right.

But, speaking of Microsoft, they recently released the list of 230 cars that are to appear in Forza Motorsport, which should have fucking come out already.  The list is mostly imports, as expected, to satisfy the ricer crowd.  But what stood out to me was the number of good American cars, and even better, some of the well-known tuner specialties, like the Hennessey Viper, and the Lingenfelter Corvette.  Even better was the number of Le Mans and Grand Touring cars, which I'm thinking is a nod to Gran Turismo.  The DSM crew will also be happy to see the Eagle Talon and the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX have been included.  There's something for everyone.

Don't work (or drink) too hard.