I really need a Cap, even a Minish one would do.

Kansas has transformed from a reasonably temperatured environment to a
frozen tundra of painful class-treking.  Weezer and I just got
done walking out of our politics class, and I had to make sure that all
of my body parts were still attached because I could not feel some of
them.  Similar to what you do when you have your GBA or laptop,
and you make sure all of your attachments, chargers, and headphones are
still along for the ride.  I was pretty sure my legs were still
there, as I will still moving, but that was my only real sign.  I
believe the thermomenter is several inches below the reading of "FUCK,"
which would make it "colder than fuck" here. 

Beginning my play-through of Minish Cap has made me realize just how
good a side-scrolling Zelda could be.  Ocarina was glorious, but
besides that there hasn't been a Zelda game.  There have been a few games with Zelda in the title, but no Zelda's per
say.  It has honestly reminded me of the first time I played Link
to the Past all those years ago.  The familar game-play is almost
too much for me to handle in it's wonderful simplicity, yet depth
provided with exquisite level design.  Is it wrong that I am
enjoying it more than any Nintendo made Zelda game since Ocarina? 
I think so, but it looks like the Zelda arriving on Gamecube later this
year will be a Zelda, and not just a Zelda. 

I hope many of you have had a chance to watch the first episode in our
series.  I hope a similar number of you enjoyed it  I'm
excited to get feedback from you guys as we continue to grow with a
variety of content.  The cast of Gamers will continue to
grow as we progress through episodes, as will our skill at making
them.  There are to be many more shows coming from us of all
different types, and this is the most 'experimental.' 

GameSavers was basically a way for me to try out people for this show,
and how they would fit into it.  See how they would react to an
audience and such. 

The frequency of episode releases are going to deal largely on when I
can get everyone together.  I would love to film one a week, but I'm
not sure that's currently feasable.  It's a lot easier to gather people
together for some of the other types of shows I have planned; no script
memorizing, moving of equipment, and such.

We all had an absolute blast filming Gamers, and plan to keep releasing
them and getting better and better at them.  There is nothing we
appreciate more than your feedback, so please give it to us.