Meh, their loss.

For those of you who agree with me that Dubya is a conservative
asshat, I thought you'd like to know that I got myself banned. 
Again.  It wasn't over "pornographic images", either.  Check their forums
if you'd like to see all the drama, given you're not one of the many
banished ones.  Apparently, having a sense of humor goes against
the rules, too.  The non-existent ones, mind
you.  Usually such troll-like behavior isn't in my nature, but I
get a unique sense of satisfaction from getting a bunch of conservative
panties knotted up.  Thankfully, Break is doing a beautiful job of
defending me, even comparing me to Jesus.  Genius, Break. 

 But, back to gaming shit.  I checked up on The Strangerhood recently.  Holy fuck,
that was a mistake.  I was so disappointed, I seriously considered
sending a requisition notice to Rooster Teeth asking for my mouseclicks
and bandwidth back.  Really, though, it's my fault.  With EA
acting the way it has, how could I expect such a project to be
good?  I'm afraid not even the holy Red Vs. Blue guys could turn
this idea into humor.

Anyway, I'd like to give a shoutout to Zephie-chan and the IY4Ever fansub group,
for their work in finishing up the Inuyasha anime series.  You've
done some great work, and I can't wait for your translation of the 4th and last Inuyasha movie, and the OAV's to come.  Check Zephie's updated thread regarding the end on our forums for more info.