Takin’ It To the Street

Streetball.  That's pretty much all I'd have to say to get everyone ready and wanting to play EA BIG's new game, NBA Street Vol. 3.  Now say what you will, I think Vol. 2 was one of the best basketball games ever due to the ease that they gave you to pull off tricks and special dunks in the game.  Oh yeah, and not to mention that they looked really freakin' cool when you did them.  And while I've only played the demo so far, I must say, that the next version looks like it could even out-do Vol. 2, which is a task of epic proportions (to me anyways).  I look forward very much to being able to take this game home and fool around with all of the team combinations that I can try with the game, plus I really want to see just how ungodly they made a few of the players, especially after Vol. 2 made Kevin Garnett of the T-Wolves basically unstoppable.

But besides the new streetball game coming out today, I have wondrous news: 

I finally got my mount in World of Warcraft!  That's right, I am new the proud owner of a loyal brown horse that will come to my aid whenever I'm not in combat whenever I want.  It helps out so much, and yet, I don't really know how I got around without it in the first place, even though I've only had it for about 12 hours now.  My mount makes going places on foot much faster and allows me to outrun anything that might even try to think that I pissed them off or think that I look like a tasty morsel.  So now I'm just 1/4th of the way to go until I achieve level 60, which will probably take quite a while.  I know I'm close, and I think from here on out, things get extremely interesting.  I can't wait to get 50 now, I don't even want to imagine how much fun it's going to be when I hit 60.  Well, back to Azeroth for me…