My new precious

Afro's Daily Declaration of Facts:

1) I am permanently 2-5 months behind everyone else in gaming
B) Domino's no longer makes the double melt. Fuck Domino's.
III) I just got into Half-Life 2. Holy Shit! I gotta say…it makes me moist.
Four) Fuck Duke
51\/3) For the love of god go download Firefox.
I promise you'll heart it. The customizablity alone is enough to make
it officially "the shit." Right now I have a weather forecast in my
status bar, web dev tools under my address bar, and a really slick
minimalist skin. Oh, and if I highlight a word, Firefox will look it up
in the dictionary for me. Which of course my vast knowledge has no need
for, but you it might be handy some day.
Sex) Relic just announced an expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
called Winter Assault. I promise the hotness, cause holy shit this game
is incredible already, and with the addition of a new race, the Imperial Guard, ba-bam it's gonna rock.
Nana) Fuck off, I'm done.