Still Going Strong…

I've been playing a LOT of GT4 in the past few days since I acquired it.  And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.  I think I've already put nearly 20 hours into the game, and I'm not even through with the beginner races, mainly because I'm having so much trouble getting the money to buy some of the cars I need to compete in the different specialty races like the Sports Truck series, or the Rear Engine/Rear-wheel drive series, etc. 

That doesn't mean that I'm not having fun though, in fact, very far from it.  The game is absolutely amazing.  In fact, I'm actually home right now in Wichita, and the game still looks unbelievably amazing in 1080i High-Def.  I don't know how Polyphony Digital pulled it off, but they really do squeeze every last little ounce of processing power out of the PS2, and this game shows it pretty much everywhere.  I have to say that this is probably the only racing game that I've played where I actually sometimes want to watch my replays, just because they look so real.

Ah well, I guess I've got to go back to playing some more…I have to finish off the Beginner races and start getting my "a" license here soon so I can actually compete in some of the cooler races coming up.  Take it from me though, if you have a PS2, or you've been contemplating getting one, I think GT4 is as good an excuse as any to finally push you over the hump and justify a purchase of one.