I just realized…

It's been almost a week, and I've not had any material to flame Sony, and their PSP, over.  Jesus Titfucking Christ, what's Richie gonna talk about? 

For starters, I'll mention my first impression of Brothers in Arms, which is this:  Full Spectrum Warrior blended with Call of Duty.  Unlike FSW, however, there's more to it than moving men into position and popping in a grenade.  And best of all, you actually get to shoot people yourself.  It's not like the nightmare of a system of FSW, in which you could position your character 10 feet from a baddie, and wait a good 15 seconds before your character would get around to shooting something. 

Then, I'll mention a completely new ESRB category, named "Tween".  That's right, spell check, tween.  Tween resides between Everyone and Teen on the ESRB scale, and is supposed to take into account the "graphic" crashes of racing games, and superhero violence.  Brilliant!  Another rating category that parents will ignore!

Now I'll finish it all off with mention of this bullshit.  This "bullshit" is a Washington state legal effort to hold video game makers and sellers liable should a person 17 or younger commit a crime that had anything to do with a game.  That's great.  Now the youth of Washington state can do as they please, with no fear of the consequences.  "The game told me to do it!", they'll say.  Hopefully this will never leave committee.