Sorry about the no-Show…

But even the hosts need to take a break once in awhile.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I was kinda looking forward to a slugfest with the PSP fans.  Just save your anger and whatnot ‘till next Sunday, when we can have a proper flame war. 

In other news, the much anticipated Chaos Theory is now available.  Jack, being the Splinter Cell fan that he is, can't get enough of it.  It looks as good and plays as well as the E3 demo video had us hoping it would.  What's especially cool is Co-Op mode, where you're able to perform specialty maneuvers with your partner, i.e. throwing your partner over a grid of lasers and into an unsuspecting guard.  Some real creativity was used in the making of this game.

I, however, cannot stand to play it.  The FPS "shoot first, do the body count later" mentality has been too deeply engrained within me to stand playing a stealth game like Splinter Cell.  Too often, I'll be watching Jack sneaking up on some poor bloke, and catch myself thinking, "Jesus Christ, he's got an assault rifle on his back, why not just shoot the motherfucker?" 

Jack will bring you more tomorrow.