Alright RPG fans, ready yourselves…

Square Enix is about to announce something.  That something, believe it or not, has to do with an RPG.  Yeah, an RPG, can you fucking believe that? 

Now, I'm sorry Squeenix fans, but I really think they could have done without creating hype, about an announcement, which will just create more hype anyway.  And besides, creating hype can be a bad thing.  Remember last year, when Sega said it had a big announcement to make at E3?  And it turned out to be nothing more than The Matrix Online?  Yeah, I'm sure there was more than one Sega fan that was, putting it mildly, disappointed.

And yeah, I know, "Where the fuck is Gamers, Richie?"  It's coming, believe me.  Break has been toiling night and day to edit down the gigabytes and gigabytes of footage we took to produce a worthy follower to the 1st episode.  School and a life fit into the equation, too.  Sadly, we don't a company slave to do this work for us, so Break can move on to other things, but one is on the budget for next year.