Here’s it is:

that RPG Squeenix was talking about. I for one am uber excited. For
those of you too lazy to click, it's called Code Age Commanders. Lame
name I know, but czech out the story. This planet, see, relies on this
floating object called the Central Code for all life and sustenance,
much like we rely on the sun. Every 10,000 years this Central Code
reboots, causing all the world to go extinct till it comes back online.
Y'all live in a time where the reboot is coming quite soon, and you're
trying to stop it.

Back when I played Phantasy Star IV on the sega (not a bad RPG btw) I
was first hit by the concept of ancient civilizations existing
underneath the whole world, and the idea totally got me. The very
thought of this ancient ancient item running your whole world just
makes my jimmy's shibble….

Aside from that, as of yesterday I am 22 years old, just fucking shoot me now. Put me down. I might as well be 70.

Kidding aside, my grand ol' parentals chipped in to purchase me my very
own PlayStation Portable. How's that for a slice of fried gold? I can't
wait to go pick up Wipeout, Lumines and Tiger Woods (I'm a nut for the
golf games) and do nothing but play WoW and PSP AT THE SAME TIME!
Sensory overload, much?

I also picked up Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Now, sure the gameplay is
a hoot and a holler, I played half of a co-op mission before the ladies
whisked me away from gaming. And ya know when you play through a whole
level or for like an hour on an RPG, don't save and then DIE!? Yeah
that was me on the first Solo mission. Whoops. But here's my problem:
You see, back when XBox first came out, I got a little angry with it
because it seemed like developers went absolutely crazy on my good
friend the bump map. Now, sure they look awesome when correctly
applied, but come on, is EVERYTHING in the world mega-bumpy? I think
not. Games like Azurik and Morrowind I felt went a little bit overboard
on the bumpiness. This is a problem I had in the first level of SC:CT.
It's raining and you're out on the beach and in caves and you're wet
blah blah blah. Honestly Ubisoft, NOT EVERYTHING IS BUMPY AND SHINY. It
irked me a little bit. It felt like I'd be walking along bumpy shiny
rocks, trees, cardboard boxes, tents, shoes, children, chihuahuas, etc.
Please, go easy on my eyes, people.

Aside from that, freaking buy it and let Jack and I pwn you 2th3M4x!
online. For real, we're monsters. At least, we were in SC:PT, I dunno
about this one yet…we'll see.

Be good, kiddies.