The Colony is Growing

Yes, OurColony is growing…

If you have any interest whatsoever in ARGs (alternate reality games), then I strongly suggest that you check this one out.  So far it's been plagued with some server instability, especially after they got a mention on the news section over at gamespot.  However, it seems that the site is back up and running smoothly now, so here's hoping it stays that way.

Anyways, I've also been playing lots of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, and I really have to say, that it's a great game.  It's a blast to play, and it's really easy just to sit down, play a few levels, and then get on with other stuff.  It really has the perfect structure for an arcade game, but it's just as good as a console game, too.

But I've got to get back to helping the colony get points and overtake all of these other wanna-be teams.  Go ARGolonists!