More Tennis Games

Top Spin tennis was great.  I need to say that before I move
on.  But, we need more tennis games.  Virtua Tennis on the
Dreamcast was also good, and Break and I put in a lot of hours in
that.  In the current gen, there have only been two good tennis

If executed with good gameplay, tennis can be an extremely fun sport to
play on a console.  Playing Top Spin on X-Box live was great, and
I loved beating people, especially since it used real tennis

I hope that the successor to Top Spin is at least as good as the first,
and I also hope that SEGA gets back in the mix and makes some more
tennis games.  As far as sports games go, they are by far my

The PSP or DS would also be a great market to pop at tennis game down on.  I would pay money for it.