Volleyball Overload

I must first apologize for the lateness of this.  It should have been up earlier today, but if it had been, it would have been completely different, as I know have seen nearly 24 hours of volleyball in the last 48 hours.  That's a lot of volleyball, even for me, a volleyball freak. 

The NISRA Sport Club National Men's and Women's Volleyball tournaments were held in KC this past week, and man, were they a lot of fun to watch.  I got to see some incredible teams playing.  I also got to meet all of the guys from the UK Volleyball team, which my little brother plays on, and I got to hang out with them all week.

However, the coolest thing about the entire tournament, were definitely the t-shirts being worn around the convention center between games.  Shirts with volleyball sayings that transfer into great sexual innuendo and stuff like that.  Here's an example from the UK Men's Team:  "Double Penetrate:  Sometimes one just isn't enough."  Now, in volleyball terms, they're talking about penetrating the plane over the net with a double-block, but I think you can figure out the innuendo part.  Another great example is the t-shirt for the Arizona Women's Team:  "Our guys will beat you on the court, we'll beat you off."

All in all, a great weekend of volleyball, and a great weekend for finding some really cool shirts that I can wear around and have people ask me where I got them.  Great stuff.