Have you noticed, wherever you go there’s a body count?

With Pariah on the way shortly, and the Half Life 2 expansion in the works, I finally quit putting off the inevitable, did the homework, and picked a desperately needed video card.  My choice, the nVidia 6600GT, is supposed to the best AGP card currently available.

nVidia created the 6600 as a kind of end-all, be-all of AGP cards, while the rest of the hardcore market was moving up to PCI-Express boards.  This means, for people like I, who can't afford a mobo swap, that the 6600GT is my best option.  And what a sexy option it is.  I'm confident that this will hold me over, hardware wise, until a real overhaul is needed, i.e. CPU/motherboard.

So while that ships overnight, Jack and I will sit back and finish out the 2nd season of 24, which promises to be awesome.  All the pieces are in place for endgame, and I'm still confident that we'll have one or two more plot twists before it's all said and done.  You can bash and doubt all you want, but until you hear Jack Bauer say, "I'm gonna need a hacksaw", you won't truly know the definition of badass.