Why are YOU watching the NFL Draft?

The NFL draft is today.  For the last week I've been watching Mel Kiper, Jr., Chris Berman, and basically every single football analyst that ESPN has covering the NFL Draft, and who they think will be the top 5 picks.  Some think that with the first pick, the San Francisco 49ers will pick the QB from Utah, Alex Smith.  Others seem to think that they might decide to go with Aaron Rodgers from Cal.  And a few others believe that the 49ers might just trade that draft pick away for something else later on, or perhaps a good player now.

Do I really care about that in the grand scheme of things?  No.  You know what I do care about?  I care about seeing the next-gen Madden commercial.  Do I still hate Madden?  You bet I do.  But this IS my first chance before E3 to get a look at where football games are headed next generation with Xbox 360.  Now from what I hear, the commercial is entirely pre-rendered, which means that there isn't any actual gameplay that we're seeing, but it's just an artist's concept of what we'll be seeing this gen.  In an interview on gamespot, EA says that the CG is actually an undershoot of what they'll be capable of with the upcoming round of hardware.  So I guess I'm watching the draft until I see the commercial…and then I'm going back to playing Jade Empire.

And by the way, I beat Psychonauts, and it is definitely the trippiest game ever (yes, even surpassing Amplitude or Katamari Damacy).  But it's also one of the funniest and best platformers I've played in a long time.  If you get a chance, go pick this one up.  Tim Schafer's done a great job.