The Gamer Inside Me Cried When…

…I saw a few of the pictures that Major Nelson (head honcho of
Xbox Live) had taken while he was working at the Xbox 360 Premiere
Event that was taped this past Thursday and then put up on his blog
That's right, it was taped, it's not being shown live on MTV this
coming Thursday at 8:30 PM CST, but whatever.  That's a small
nitpick when compared with what is to come. 

Now I know
that in order to win this upcoming generation, Microsoft really has to
get the casual crowd (i.e. The crowd that thinks videogames started
with Playstation) on their side, and the best way to do that is with
celebrities showing up at their parties without even knowing what the
hell is going on.  Well, it turns out that my (and
Break's, and just about everyone else's) fears were confirmed with
those pictures that ended up on the blog.  Out of all of the
people attending the party (that I saw in the pictures, anyways) the
only 2 or 3 that I think had ever actually played a videogame in their
lives were probably Elijah Wood, Tony Gonzalez of the KC Chiefs, and
Breckin Meyer.  Some of the other "celebrities" at the event
included the completely talentless Ashlee Simpson, and one of the guys
from Road Rules.  Let me reiterate once again just how much I HATE

Now like I said earlier, and many times over, this move
makes complete business sense.  Microsoft needs to get Sony people
over into their camp.  MTV is the best way to reach as many of
them as possible.  But when you have some people at an unveiling
of a new console and they don't even know the difference between
Counterstrike and Halo, then you really need to ask yourself WTF they
are even doing there. 

All that being said though, if you
listen to the blogcast that Major Nelson also did the night of the
event with Elijah Wood, you'll hear a really cool story about Elijah's
first experience with gaming involving the Colecovision.  Great
stuff, that Colecovision. 

Oh yeah, and I hear Perfect Dark 0 is going to blow our minds, and Forza Motorsport still makes GT4 bite the curb.