Making the most of those 100 layers.

Being the anti-rice purist that I am, I cosmetically alter my cars about as much as WeezerJedi acknowledges that the Xbox is the greatest console on Earth.  When I do, I apply my "brand", a black five-speed shifter logo on the rear bumper, indicating that the car was bought, built, and tuned by yours truly.  Subtle, yet meaningful. 

But predictably, there are those that take paint jobs to the extremes, most of whom can be seen online.  They're mostly horrible, to go along with their horrible driving.  Then there are these.  A-maz-ing.  Like this one, how?  That's no single piece of vinyl, ladies and gents; he did that using nothing but the provided shapes, then somehow faded it.  Or this one.  How long did it take him to draw the Yoshi face, using nothing but basic shapes?  And if you liked that one, you'll probably like this one.  There's hundred of jaw-dropping works of art available, more often that not video game inspired.

Then, there's my favorite.  That's one car I'd be honored to drive around.