The reason I bought a new video card is coming.

June 21st, to be specific.  You see, like most other PC gamers, I bought my new hardware with future games in mind.  Sure, seeing Painkiller and Far Cry with less aliasing is nice, but is it worth $200?  Of course not, not for two games I’ve already played.  But seeing Battlefield 2 in all its glory, that’s worth the $200.  Yes, EA came out with the golden release date, and I’ve already set aside $50 in cash, just in case I break the bank before then.
Excitement aside, I’d like to explain why you haven’t been seeing regular posts from me this week:  I’ve been moving.  And let me assure you, a root canal is a less painful activity.  My #18 molar and I can vouch for that.  Most of my pain stems from a complete lack of credit history.  The gas company, for example, asked for every form of identification, short of my fucking birth certificate, before they’d even consider putting service in my name.  My advice to you kids out there is this:  Get a credit card, do almost nothing with it, and when you do use it, pay it off on time.  This will get you established with good credit, and save a few headaches down the road.