Game Show…Tuesday @7

My family’s business is being raped by viruses and I need to go back
there to help them out.  These aren’t your ordinary removable by
Norton viruses, these are some serious fuckbags.  Think Darth
Vader and the Emperor in terms of power.  Think especially of when
the Emperor zapped Yoda and left him as a lump on the floor. 
Yeah, the Sith are having their revenge on my family’s business
computers.  They actually managed to get through the computers
that were completely up do date in terms of Windows Update, Norton with
updated virus definitions, and a firewall. 
Days like this I am definately happy I switched to a Mac.

I may have to talk to their service to get them switched back on, and they don’t open till Monday, so I’m postponing the show till Tuesday at 7 Central.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and I shall see you all then.