ATTN: Battlefield 2 players.

Do the community a favor and read these notes before going online.
If you don’t know how to command, don’t be Commander.
I won’t flame you if you’re a n00b to Battlefield; you suck at playing and it really can’t be helped.  But dammit, the last thing our team needs is a n00blet who thinks Commander is nothing more than a cool title.  Then when the mutiny vote comes around, you get stubborn and angry, as if your sucking is something to be defended.  Quit being a fucktard and let us try to win the game.  Which brings me to my second point…
If you’re Commander, don’t call artillery in on a friendly position.

It’s absurd how many times I’ve seen a Commander use artillery on a flag that’s being captured by his own men.  Not only do we lose our foothold, but the baddies spawn in again, and the ground forces are back to square one.  Also absurd, but not quite as frustrating, is seeing artillery used on a single unfriendly.  A bit like lighting a cigarette with a cruise missile, don’t ya think?  Put your own score aside and think about the team before you pick up the radio.

If you’re gonna be a Medic, BE a Medic.

So you’re lying there, dying in the sand.  A Medic passes by, ignores you and your calls for help, hops in an APC, and leaves you for dead.  Not only has he hurt his own team by not saving you, but he’s hurt himself, since revivals award you assist points (these show who the true team players are).  It’s rather like being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, but passing cars won’t stop and help.  The shock paddles are there for a reason, use them.

Carpool isn’t just a name for that leftmost lane on the interstate.

There are five positions in the APC.  There are three positions in a buggy.  Two in a tank.  Excluding the driver, every position has a weapon, so there’s no reason not to load up a vehicle.  So why then do I see so many asshats pulling away in empty vehicles, leaving his teammates to hump it to the next flag?  It makes no sense.
Sniping is worthless, no matter how cool you think that guy from Saving Private Ryan is.

You’re not doing anyone any favors by going sniper.  Only the very best actually rack up kills this way, and the rest only serve to lay there in the sand as opportunities for knife kills.  Yes, I know the M95 fires .50 caliber rounds, and I know it’s the biggest gun available.  But it might as well be a mantlepiece in the wrong hands, which is 98% of players.