If you have Battlefield 2, do yourself a favor.

Delete everything in C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2modsbf2Movies.  Trust me on this one; you waste enough of your life sitting at red lights, you can do without the 40 hours of forced intro movies.

The only other bitch I have is with the game case, which is too thick for storage in a common DVD rack.  The spindle-esque disc storage method is a tad worrying, seeing that the CD’s are stacked one on another, making scratching more likely.  It seems like a corner-cutting measure over the traditional book-like method, but I’m the Battlefield fanboy here, so I’m sure EA had a good reason for doing it this way.
But beyond these little problems, the game is an absolute riot.  The squad/commander system increases the chances that people will become team players, the maps flow well, and the pace is just right; not too slow like in Battlefield 1942, but not speed overdose like Desert Combat.  The weapon kits are well balanced, but the weapons themselves could use some work:  The M249 is too inaccurate in every position and the shotguns are underpowered.  As a result, Support and Engineer are almost never seen on the field.  But weapon balance issues are something that are always fixed with the first patch, something I take a bit of comfort in.
Jack, JayT and I plan to get our ownage on later, get a hold of us if you wana join in.