Hadokens are downright fierce

If you have a DS, you really should get Meteos. As of now, I think
Meteos and Kirby Curse Canvas are killer apps for the system. They’re
perfect examples of what Nintendo said DS was all about and what DS could do. Now all that’s left is the online part.

Beside Meteos and Kirby Canvas Curse, I’ve also been playing alot of
NES. My most recent additions to my collection are Battletoads/Double
Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, and Castlvania. I’m almost at
90 games, and I think my goal by the end of summer is 100 games. Once I
hit 100, then on to 200. It’s addicting. I prefer playing the original
cartridges because rather than playing on an emulator or something
because you get to use the NES controller you’re supposed to use and I
like sitting on a couch comfortably rather than sitting if front of a
computer screen monitor.

I don’t have Killer 7 yet, but I plan on getting it. I had fun playing
it at E3. Anyone seen Fantastic 4 yet? It looks terrible, but I’ll
probably see it once to see just how bad it is.