I’d just like to share something…

Disclaimer:  This post is intended for our male audience.  If you don’t sit in that section, then you will probably take offense to the theories and ideas contained below, which could result in a “sandy vagina”.  You’ve been warned.
Now then, on with it.  Men have always tried to “figure” women out.  Tried to come up with a rule, a formula, a codebook of some kind.  We all ask the same questions:  Why is she attracted to one guy over another?  Why does she throw me mixed signals?  Why does she stay with this alcoholic, unemployed shitheel?  Ever ask questions like these?  Ever wonder why, if you’re such a great guy, and such an awesome friend to her, that she’s nailing some nameless asshole when you leave?  I know I have.
If so, then I proudly present, The Ladder Theory.
If you’ve seen this before, and seeing that it’s been around for a number of years, then I apologize for the repost.  But I feel it’s worth the time to get the word out to other guys in question.  Break and JayT will back me up when I say that there is a downright scary amount of truth in the Ladder Theory.  It takes every intuitive notion, feeling, and thought about the interaction of men and women, and makes so much sense of it all, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with this idea sooner.
This public service announcement has been brought to you by BreakmanX.com.