I’m a nublet (worse than a n00b)

Well, I just spent the weekend with Kitsune and my friend Raymond in Chicago. We attended Pitchfork‘s Intonation Music Festival.
It was hot, really hot, and really dusty, but there were so many great
bands that played. If you go to the Intonation website, you might
notice that one of its sponsers is X-Box. Microsoft brought out a X-Box van that had systems and TV on the side. I was planning on farting
in the general vicinity of the van, but honestly, I was too busy
watching bands and stuff and just forgot. Anyways, there was a guy who
would come out and say stupid stuff and introduce bands. When he
thanked X-Box for sponsering the festival people started booing. It was
awesome. Oh yeah, and then someone next to me mentioned how awesome
Nintendo is and I popped like ten boners (calm down, I’m lying, there’s no way I’d have ten penises). Les Savy Fav has got to be one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. But it still doesn’t beat the time I saw Black Eyes at a house show.

This week was also the San Diego Comicon. It’s the worlds biggest
comicon and I think it’s even bigger than E3. One announcement that
will definately make Break happy is that Dark Horse Comics is publishing Penny Arcade. Also, they had this. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome, even if it sucks. I mean, if the whole movie is just cars transforming, then that’s awesome. If it has a cool story, then that’s even better. Steven Spielberg is Executive Producer! Why Valve Why!? Hey, this keyboard is badass.