Dammit, no more new Family Guy.

Not until September, if my sources are correct.  Now as far as I’m concerned, Family Guy is, was, the only legitimate reason not to listen to our Show.  And you better believe the hosts will be taking attendance from now on.
I’ve got a Gamespot link here for the Battlefield crew; it’s an interview with Mike Doran over the Special Forces expansion they’ve got cookin’.  For those of you that don’t obsess, the big idea behind the expansion is to bring Sam Fisher to the Battlefield realm; night vision, zip-lines, flashbangs, the works.
I’m a tad skeptical about the whole idea:  I mean, the Battlefield engine wasn’t created with stealth-action in mind.  Think of it as trying to make a realistic flight simulator out of an arcadey title like Crimson Skies.  The screenies look great, definitely, but…I’m just not sure.  Shit, they have a hard enough time getting the first patch right, how are they supposed to do an expansion?
Oh, dammit, that reminds me, there’s a comic site I’ve been meaning to give mention to.  The name is VG Cats, and fans of Penny Arcade will feel right at home.  I first got wind of them by their recent Battlefield comic, but they don’t leave it at that:  They’ll comic any game they damn well feel like.  And movies when they want to, like this absolutely hilarious Episode 3 strip.
I’m done.