Having a Happy Holidays?

Extenuating circumstances have prevented me from being in locations that are showable.  Well, at least The Game Showable.  To get the meat out of the way first, it looks like the show won’t resume till January 15th.  Most people are out and about for Holiday Break anyway so I’m hoping it doesn’t impend your Candles, your Jesus, your Kwanza, or Yule too much. 

I am having a wonderful holidays, however.  Still on the hunt for a 360.  I still swear that Microsoft made three or four of them.  I’ll go as high as five, but that just sounds like crazy talk with the madness I’ve seen with innocent gamers on Solid Snake style missions to retrieve them.  I mean, they were just standing in lines.  But it was cold.  Fucking cold.

To make up for this long absence, we should finally get that next episode of Gamers out somtime soon.  Have fun.