In which I update the community…

Beginning with a very shameless plug of our new Babe of the Week series, courtesy of  Triad636 and yours truly.   The way I figure, every good website needs some kind of hotties program, as to keep it’s visitors supplied with self-pleasuring material.  Fortunately, Mr. 636 has set the sexiness bar high with his first choice; now it’s on me to maintain the standard.  Rest assured, I will deliver – I might even consider any suggestions you may have, as long as they have real boobers and don’t suck.  And don’t have a penis, you sick fucks.
Dos, our forums have recently become littered with a certain canned lunchmeat.  I’ve moved up from locking to deleting such instances:  No sense in turning our otherwise productive sub-forums into my own personal scorecard.  Breaku ManneX is working behind the phpBB curtain to prevent future occurances, and I’m keeping a close eye on new registrations.  Post in such occurances, if it entertains you, but know that it’s all getting the deletion treatment when I get to it.

What are you afraid of?