Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of Mega Man X (SNES) for the PSP.

Graphically the game is absolutely stellar.  MMMX takes levels originally made for the 16-bit SNES and beautifully converting them to the PSP.  The backgrounds are beautiful and extend very far away from the player.  The character models are also very well done.

The music is done pretty well for the most part.  There were a few times where I wondered exactly what they were doing with it, but there were a lot of times where I remembered the song and liked what they had done with the new rendition.  I do wish that Storm Eagle’s stage had been left alone, though.

The sound effects are good… except for the voice acting.  I felt that the voice acting was pretty bad in most places.  The actual quality of voice for the main characters was ok, but some of the dialogue was absolutely horrendous.  Also, why did the Mavericks ever have to talk?  I just had to ignore them; otherwise it would have ruined my vision of them.

Gameplay is excellent.  It doesn’t seem quite as tight as the SNES version, but that is tough since the SNES version was just about perfect.  The levels also seem a bit tougher, while the bosses at the end seem a bit easier.  Also, after you beat the game you can play through as Vile, which is probably the game’s biggest plus.

If you like Mega Man and you have a PSP you should definitely buy this game.  I don’t know if this warrants a PSP purchase, but you should definitely check this game out if you can.  Some of the best gameplay of the 16-bit era beautifully remade for this generation to enjoy.