Wow, it’s Great to be Here.

So, some of you might have been wondering, "Where the hell is Triad?". Well, need not to worry. I’m here now and here to stay. There are going to be some big changes ahead of us, changes that may hit you in the face pretty quick, so put your helmet on. Mecha, Zephie and I will be doing all that we can to get it done, be patient my friends. "So crucify the ego, before it’s far too late, to leave behind this place so, negative and blind and cynical, And you will come to find, that we are all one mind, Capable of all that’s imagined and all conceivable, So let the light touch you, and let the words spill through, let them pass right through, bringing out our hope and reason….. before we pine away." – Maynard James Keenan.