Let’s Ride

You all may be wondering why title this, "Let’s Ride". Well, there is a very good reason behind that. In a few hours I’m going to go watch Gone in Sixty Seconds. It is one of my all time favorite movies, next to The Rock. (I’m a huge Nick Cage fan). Anyways I’ve been getting ready these past few months for something that is going to be out on Tuesday the 28th. That something is Kingdom Hearts II. A lot of you may already know that I am a huge RPG fan. Most of the games that I own are Role Playing Games. I like Square-Enix Role Playing Games the most. The stories are captivating, The graphics are mind blowing, and the game-play is tons of fun. In my eyes (some may disagree) Square makes the best Role Playing Games in the business, I owe being a gammer to Square. Ever since playing Final Fantasy I on the NES, I haven’t looked back.

There are a few games that I’m going to need to beat in the next month or two. they are, Dragon Quest VIII, Grandia III, and Kingdom Hearts II. After a few months of Only playing the Final Fantasy XII demo, I’ve started to play DQ VIII and am a few hours into it. I found the game to be quite fun so far yet challenging, if you aren’t leveled up enough the game can get very difficult especially if you don’t have some cure Items (Medicinal Herbs) handy. To tell you the the truth, I haven’t played Grandia or Grandia II yet, so Grandia III will be my first of the series.. Which should be fine. We’ll see how that plays out. I took a look at their web site and watched some game-play videos and things of that nature and it looks like it will be a pretty cool game. Now for the long awaited sequel of a very very awesome RPG. Kingdom Hearts II. As usual included in the character list will be some characters from Disney, and some Characters from Final Fantasy. Advent Children versions of both Cloud and Sephiroth will also be included in the mix, which makes me really all the more excited for it. The main theme of the Game will be entitled "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru, it is a English Rendition of the song "Passion" that was featured in the Japanese Version of Kingdom Hearts II. Utada is probably the best female artist that I like. I saw some trailers, and yes, Zephie and I watched the opening FMV. The graphics look a little better than they did in the first Instalment but I will have to see that for myself once I’m actually playing the game.



Auron in all of his Kingdom Hearts Glory. 

Cloud and Squall looking like the bad asses that they are.
There are also three new characters in the game to look out for, the first being Roxas, voice by: Jesse McCartney(gay). The second being Namine, voice by: Brittany Snow.The third being Diz, voice by: Christopher Lee. In all seriousness this game is shaping up to be my favorite release of the year so far. Everything I’ve seen/heard about this game is getting me excited. The day I heard they were integrating Tron into the game, I almost died. I was pretty damn excited. I suggest that anyone that is a fan of Role Playing Games to either buy it or rent it. I’m going to get it on release date, and hopefully have a review of it when I finish it up. Oh and Mecha, you better pick this game up. I mean it!