B & S

So, a very special day is almost upon us. This day was said to have started in France in the year, 1582. What happened was that their calender was reformed under Charles IX. Back then word didn’t travel all that quickly, so the people that thought it was still the week of March 15th to April 1st (which was their new years) still celebrated on the first day of April. They were known as "Fools" because the new years had been changed from April 1st to January 1st. These people were also sent on fool errands. For example, they were sent invitations to parties that were non existent, the day was called "Poisson d’avril" which literally meant "April Fish" (Fish are stupid, for anyone that doesn’t already know). Word spread, and its name changed, We now know this day as April Fools.

There is something strange in the air over at Toolband.com. the webmaster Blair had made a post yesterday talking about the new album and a screening of past videos. Now I truly do not think that 10,000 days is the actual new album, Blair had said that the band was working on a fake album which would divert people away from getting their hands on the real album and upload it and share it before release. Now at the end of Blair’s March 30th post he signed it, "B & S", as opposed to his usual "BMB" I immediately thought of this as a hint to the upcoming April Fools Joke, B&S, take the ampersand out, and you’ll know what I mean.
Take each day with a grain of salt, never underestimate, always think for yourself.