So, I was actually supposed to post quite a while ago, but for a very good reason, it slipped my mind. A certain radio station had played about 30 seconds of Tool’s new single "Vicarious". I played the hell out of that clip. Its actually on the ground bleeding right now, but that is beside the point. Its been 5 long years since Tool fans had gotten what they wanted, which was a new Tool album. After hearing the "Mecca" of all 30 second clips it dawned on me. Tool is quite possibly the greatest band in the history of all music. Needless to say the general feedback that was recieved after it was aired was nothing short of what you would say to your wife or girlfriend after a good long bang. This song is just simply to tease us into the album, a slow and painful tease, but I’m going to love every second of it. Tool has never let me down, and after hearing the small sample that I had heard I know that this will not be any different. So Tool fans you ask when is this single? and when is this album supposed to come out? I would simple reply, Monday is the day you will hear "Vicarious" on your radios. May 2nd is when you will be able to purchase and listen to "10,000 Days". That is if it doesn’t get pushed back like we’ve seen all too many times in Tool’s past. I’d like to take a moment to thank Tool for this holy (wholly) gift. I’d not be the same without you.