BreakmanX Radio?

Hey guys just wanted to tell everyone that I’ll be streaming
on BreakmanX all night. Tune in at .

My gaming life has been going well since I picked an Xbox 360. I bought Call of game truly does look next-gen and it’s a blast to play. I’ve watched my brother Duty 2 from a friend this week for only $20, what a deal. As
Richie stated, this beat the campaign, now I’m working though Veteran – It’s pretty damn near impossible. So far I’ve
beaten the first two levels, each taking about 3 damn hours to complete.

is fun as well. The games are lag free and it’s a blast to play with your
friends. The only problem I have with it is campers. During one game I was
playing with Richie, this fuck nugget was camping on these set of stairs the whole
game. Nobody could kill the fucker. The world would be a better place
without those camping bastards.

Vicarious was leaked to the web on Friday and it’s fucking glorious. Fuck all the haters
over at tool navy. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to make the trip
up to Boston to
see them live in May. That’s all I got, Spiral Out.