Good News? + Final Fantasy.

According to this,Wistron, an Xbox 360 manufacturing partner, they would like to be producing at least one million consoles after each month by the end of the year. Why didn’t they do this a little bit earlier when most people couldn’t find one? This seems to me to be a direct attempt to put a nail in Nintendo’s and Sony’s coffin. I personally think that the company that will win this console war, will be the company that not necessarily has the best system, but that has the best games. What really sells consoles is the software. If the company doesn’t have any good games out for its console, then why would you buy it? I know I wouldn’t. Xbox clearly has the advantage thus far, but we will see very very soon.
Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka Hints that his production team may be working on a new  Final Fantasy MMORPG for the PS3. He also stated that not only it would be made for the PS3 but for Windows Vista as well. So PC fans will also be able to play the game. I have not played Final Fantasy XI yet, for I am not a fan of MMO’s. Yes I know, a Final Fantasy fan like myself should be playing all that Square has to offer in the Final Fantasy world, but I just can’t get into MMO’s like I can other RPG’s. Call me weird, but thats the way it is. So as far as this game is concerned, I porbably won’t be playing it either. But hey, maybe I’ll give it a shot when it comes out, who knows. we’ll see.