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This is one of my favorite times of the year because of E3. But it is also a terrible time when it comes to school. The weather starts getting nicer but instead of things getting easier, school workload gets increased. Everyday I spend way too much time with video game and E3 related activities…I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anyways, here’s new Nintendo related tidbits and other stuff that I found interesting, to shove down your throats…
Chris Morris over at says we Nintendo won’t likely announce price or a release date, but we should find out the final name of the system. As of now, "Revolution" is still just a code name. Nintendo should also be announcing most of it’s lauch lineup and more partners for the virtual console. Morris also notes that Nintendo still has another secret about their new console that hasn’t yet been revealed.
It seems Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi is not a fan of the Revolution. Maybe it was bad translation or something. I find it odd, because I would think the types of games he’s created would fit well with the Revolution. I guess it doesn’t matter anyways because he’s not supposed to be making games anymore. If I remember correctly, he left to create children’s playgrounds.

Here’s a bunch of rumors…

Some of the more interesting one include:
-A remake of Soul Blade for the DS
-Nights into Dreams 2 for Revolution is 65% complete
-Ikarus (Kid Ikarus 2) is being developed by Retro Studios
-Star Fox Lylatt Wars is being developed for the Revolution
-Fight Night 2 will use two Revolution controllers for boxing
-A Revolution version of Samba de Amigo (original for Dreamcast) will use to Revolution controllers as drumsticks.
-Super Smash Bros Revolution to be subtitled either "Mayhem" ot "Total Chaos"
-Possible new edition of Counter Strike for Revolution
-Tony Hawk Revolution is confirmed
-Bob Ross (Yes, the painting guy) Revolution is confirmed
Dan Hsu, Editor @ EGM is excited for the Revolution.
"…I must say, I’ve gone from "excited" to "OMG super-psyched" for this machine. I can’t reveal anything right now, but I think the Revolution will put Nintendo back into the game for this next-gen console war. Forget GameCube and Nintendo 64. If Nintendo can get the right developers backing this system for a few years, it will be a winner. Stay tuned…."

Oh E3…For me, E3 is like having an extra birthday in May.


By the way, I picked up Beatmania for PS2. It’s awesome. I played the arcade version years ago back in high school. It took long enough, but it’s finally here. If you’re a fan of music games like DDR, Guitar Hero, or Amplitude, you might want to check out Beatmania. As far as I know, Beatmania was the first of its kind. If fact Konami’s music game like, Bemani, is named after the game. You may know Beatmania as "The DJ Game" because it has 7 piano-like keys and a turntable. Beatmania has been previously released in US arcades as Hiphopmania. Hiphopmania has only 5 keys. The 7 key version of Beatmania is known as Beatmania IIDX. The PS2 version of Beatmania comes packaged with a 7 key Beatmania controller which is very close to arcade quality. You can choose to play normal 5 key Beatmania or 7 key Beatmania IIDX mode at within the game.

So yeah, that’s my life right now. Reading E3 news/rumors and playing Beatmania.

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