I’m turning into a zombie.
I haven’t had any sleep in the last 30 or so hours. And I can’t rest until I finish two projects tonight. I might be up for another night. I don’t think I can do it.
The new Superman Returns trailer has been released. It is awesome, I can’t wait.
There’s also a pretty sweet clip from X3 online. It was from when Hugh Jackman was on Leno. Be warned, it’s a spoiler.
Every hour brings new breaking news in the world of gaming and every hour is one hour less for me to finish my projects. Why does E3 always have to coincide with the end of semester?
I’m thinking about Wii everyday. A drunk lady who barely knows me came up to me Sunday night and was all like "Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" People know Wii.
If you have some spare time this Saturday, stop by your local comic shop as it is Free Comic Book Day. C’mon, who can say no to free comic books?