Explaining E3 to non-gamers is always weird.

I mean, I’ve known what E3 is since I was old enough to buy GamePro.  I always held the event in a sort of holy, spiritual reverence, as if it were the place Jesus kept all his secrets.  The future was hidden behind its doors, visible from the outside only through magazines and digital pictures.  I know now, the real thing is so much more.

But, in the adult ‘real world’, it’s an expo, a business conference.  Explaining the why and how of going is always awkward; it’s hard not to feel like a loser afterwards.  Yes, I am taking a week off of my job at Wal*Mart, and college, to attend an international video game expo in L.A.  That just radiates loser.  Might as well tell them I plan to dress up like a Borg and make a road trip to a Star Trek convention so I can shake hands with Patrick Stewart, it’s my life’s dream.  No, I usually say, “It’s a business conference,” and move the conversation in a different direction.

Besides the above awkwardness, my preparation for E3 is coming along well.  Got some dressy clothes to wear, so I’ll look slightly less loserish to the PR types and executives I’ll be meeting with.  Got my own personal laptop and digicam to work with, the means to provide daily coverage of daily sights and events.  Also eating more fast food, so I’ll be able to appreciate the taste of In-N-Out that much more when I partake of it again once we arrive in L.A.

Microsoft still has my 360…somewhere.  You’re supposed to get an e-mail once they receive it at their repair center in Texas.  No e-mail yet.  There’s a neat outline of dust, in the shape of a 360, where it once resided.  That space is now filled with PS2 discs I’m too lazy to put back into cases, like Gran Turismo 4 and Advent Children.  I even got back to Devil May Cry 3 for a time.

Too bad it takes one system leaving, to get the other one some attention.  That, is when you know it’s due for a replacement.