Coming soon *UPDATED*

If you havent listened to the latest Game Show yet, check it out. It was
long but we has alot to talk about, and even then we didn’t really get
to talk about everything that we wanted to…

Anyways, if you’ve been wondering where that hell I’ve been, to sum it
up…school. This is finals week, and they are a beeyotch. Moreso than
I had anticipated. I don’t have many written finals, but basically, I
have all these projects to turn in. As I did the week before E3, I had
a exciting 48+ hour session of no sleep. I’ll quit my bitchin and get
to the point.

I’m working on a huge post about my three days at the E3 2006 Expo. Here are my three favorite pics from the post…


I am also working on editing the video interviews that we shot. Stay
tuned as there is some awesome stuff with CCP, Red Octance, Fata1ity
team members, Konami, and even

Here’s a pic from one of the videos…