Wii Wins “Best OF Show” Award.

Nintendo cleaned up at this year’s Best of E3 Game Critics Awards. The Wii was honored with "Best of Show" and "Best Hardware,"

It was only a matter of time until we knew what the Wii was packing. Nintendo took away best of show and best hardware for the Wii. Even doing better than the PS3 and the long anticipated game and Will Wrights baby, "Spore". Nintendo is showing that in the gaming world, originality and hard work will win in the end.

"Nintendo’s Wii console took top honors by beating out some stiff competition in Will Wright’s Spore, Microsoft’s and Epic’s Gears of War, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and others."

To be in battle with so many amazing titles and other hardware giants shows to be a true feat for Nintendo. To some, in the begining they were the underdogs. They had no place in the console race. It wasn’t something that a lot of people could digest fully. Now after being able to play it and see what it can do, Nintendo has done away with rumors and cheap shots and delivered gaming glory. 

"Some important questions remain about how the Wii will finally turn out, but by giving E3 show-goers a taste of what playing games on the Wii will be like, Nintendo seemed to gather much more momentum for the system’s launch later this year. So despite how many great-looking games were on display at this year’s show, the Wii stood out as the single most exciting and remarkable new product at E3 2006."

They are full steam ahead going into forth quarter 2006. They are just months away from launch, and I think they will be at the head of the pack early on. The Nintendo train won’t slow down for anyone, when will you hop on?